Untooned Comic Characters

Pixeloo is another new Photoshop blog where you can see the result of Comic characters getting transformed into real world persons.  For clarification, these aren’t studies of what Homer would look like if he was a real person, its just what a cartoon like Homer would look like if he kept his toon proportions but… Read more »

New CBD Rules In Singapore – Just Announced!

When I arrived in Singapore I very quickly gained the impression of a top-up-to-date situation on the taxi market. The prices are more then reasonable, i can wave my hand and most probably will catch a cab wherever i am (ok, i had problems getting back once from Orchid Country Club at around 11PM but thats an exception) and i had the feeling that in most cases the cabbies knew where to take me without any surprising short long cuts…

Handcuff Watch – The Latest Mes Salamat Inspired Product

Genius Product designer Luis Berumen created this pair of Handcuff Watches for ZeroPointZero. I don’t know if he was reading Singapore news recently, but it would be a nice and fitting accessory for Mr. “I am sitting at the beach in Indonesia with my cool beer and laugh about Singapore”… [is it Trend Insights]

The Worlds 50 Most Powerful Blogs

The Guardian online released a list of world 50 most powerful blogs. Its shows once again how important and influantial the online world, especially blogs became within the last years. Angry An Mo is not in the list yet, but that should be just a matter of time :) Top 5: 1. The Huffington Post… Read more »

Asia’s Most Technologically Advanced Cinema

AMC Pacific Place Cinema, Hong Kong. The ticketing box is no longer enclosed in a conventional glass box, but is more akin to modern sculpture or the lobby of a chic boutique hotel, protruding outwards to skilfully incorporate the technology used to issue tickets. The cinema’s design has been configured so that the moment patrons… Read more »

Photoshop Disasters Blog

The wonderful PhotoShop Disaster Blog is a daily publishing blog, listing all nice terrible kinds of photoshopped pictures, advertisment etc for free, very interesting blog… More Information here..

The Food Court Musical

Improve Everywhere, latest since the famous Central Station Freece, is a community, webpage, organisation, movement everybody talks about. They “perform” pranks art all over the globe on public places, leaving behind excitment, astonishment, suprised and mostly happy people. The newest work is the “Food Court Musical” “For our latest mission, 16 agents staged a spontaneous musical… Read more »

The Non-Independent Mas Selamat Commission

Mr. Wang Says so questions what i was actually already thinking but just having been to lazy to sit down and write about it. I saw the interviews with Wong Kan Seng who told the Parliament that there would be an “independent” investigation about how Mes Salamat could escape from the Detention Centre, the results… Read more »