A Short History Of Singapore Becoming Extinct

Singapore’s most important and only asset are its (qualified) people, local as well as foreigners. However expatriates and so called “Foreign Talents” are by today supporting pillars of a society without whom a flourishing (maybe not these days) economy would probably not be able to survive very long and without whom the Singapore National Soccer… Read more »

Singapore Just Got Hacked (On Wikipedia.org)

Hacked: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singapore UPDATE: By now, 10.30PM the original article has been restored already, however, the article that was put in place from Uncyclopedia.org can still be read on their webpage. A Whole New Perspective As by now, Friday 10AM, Singapores precious Wikipedia entry is still hacked and got replaced with the post from its bad… Read more »

How To Get The Most Out Off Your Singapore Public Holidays 2009

The year is long and the days are numbered. 2009 just arrived and brings some nice public holidays along.
And since long weekends are the best thing to escape this island for some off-time, I created the below Singapore 2009 Publi Holiday list and my suggestions of how to place your holidays to get the maximum amount of free time out of it.

Singapores Real Zoo – MRTs Unexplored Species (Part4)

Singapores subway system, the MRT, is more lively, interesting and exciting then ever before. As I write this I finally found proof that besides species, targeting (and annoying) the subway terrain and its inhabits in general with their actions, there are smaller and more sophisticated species that try to impact and disturb you as an… Read more »

How to Find the Correct Terminal at Changi Airport

Every time I sit in the cab, ready for a nice time out somewhere between Papua Neugenia and the Phillipines, and considering the departure time of my flight, being just a little bit late, the cab driver will for sure turn around slightly or look into his mirror and snore a “Ey, which terminal u go?”

Who Else Wants Cheap Holiday? – The Complete Guide To Singapore Budget Airlines

Traveling in South East Asia is a wonderful thing, its cheap, its easy, its quick and you have wonderful locations.
Living in Singapore, THE travel hub for all US, European and Australian flights, offers you more possibilities of spending your weekend away on some lonely island, then Sentosa will ever posses.

What Nobody Knows About Singapore’s Press Freedom

Following Worlds Press Freedom Day 2008, SingaBloodyPore features a very interesting article about the Press Freedom in Singapore. Very well written by several political inspired writers it critically observes the local Press situation and  names interesting facts such as: – Singapore is ranked 141 out of 167 in the global “World Press Freedom Index” (142 is Afghanistan) – Singapore… Read more »

A Late Happy New Year!! – BONUS: All Last Years Best Articles!

A Happy New Year!! AngryAngMo wishes all its readers a happy new year and only the best for the upcoming month, we would like to thank all our regular readers and visitors who are helping to establish our page as one of the places to go for information on Expat Living and Information in Singapore!!… Read more »