List Of Singapore Clubs/Bars That Charge For Tap Water! (Please Help)

Dear Bar/Restaurant, if I decide to spend my precious time (most probably evening) at your place, to enjoy and have a great time with friends, and in your favor, to spend humps of Sing Dollars for the outrageous priced drinks, then please, don’t be ridiculous and charge me 50 Cent for a glass of water when we just paid the bill for 6 bottles of Champagne.. it makes you look.. greedy!

5 Most Smelly Foods In Singapore – Stay Away!

I am not joking when I tell you that I already threw up just by sitting next to someone that enjoyed his Durian fruit. Durian fruit is one of the items you will find in this list of most smelly foods in Singapore. And by chance South East Asia has the most smelly food of all in my opinion. Happy munching!

Mark The 2nd December In Your Calendar! Must Go Concert!

It’s a very cozy affair with Jasmine Tye (2nd Runner Up of Singapore Idol 2006)!! (and angryangmo)

After 3 long years you get the chance to finally see here and many other surprises on stage again… and the best thing: It is for a good cause! All the profits will be channeled to the victims affected by the recent earthquakes and tsunamis (Indonesia)!

Video: Singapore Remote Control Car Drifting

Ok, here is something new, apparently there is quite a “remote Control Car” scene in Singapore. I admit having seen some guys at the ECP driving their little cars, but I didnt know there are even videos on youtube (with more then 1 million views!!)

A new great Video about Singapore! Check it out!

The 5 Most Interesting Museums In Singapore

After 3 years in Singapore you will have partied on all the crazy parties to find and eat whats there to eat. But many wont have touched the cultural scene as deep as they could have and should!
There is a vivid and lively modern art and pop culture movement that produces great exhibitions on a surprisingly high level.

The 6 Best Rooftop Bars In Singapore

What would definitely fail in London’s is heaven in Asia. Rooftop bars. Have a cold drink after a long day of work on a relaxing bar outside, enjoying the (little) wind and the open space around you!

5 Most Overrated Attractions In Singapore

“Do not listen to your Travel Guide!”, I shouted to the couple in front of me, in a last desperate attempt to stop them from climbing into the back of the “Boombox Bicycle”.. I failed and never saw them again, but the devilish laughter of the uncle in the front will never really diminish out of my guilty conscience.