Hong Kong

Neon lights, shopping paradise, lush mountains

Hong Kong the mother city, the city of lights, people, shops and starless nights. This city is hard to grasp, and only by standing on it's shores, spell bound to stare at the magnificient skyline and it's underlying ever bustling, never sleeping world with millions of ever busy people and tourists, you will finally be able to feel the pulse of one of the worlds mega cities at it's heart.

And despite recent tumults and news about the geo-political future of Hong Kong and it's close alliance with the next-door neighbour China, Hong Kong has maintained the status of Asia's window to the world, the economical power horse of the far east, the sister city of Macau, and the unrivaled world leader of Gambling and Nightlife.

But beyond the concrete jungle and neon lights, lies a sumptuous land of mountains and lush nature, with some of worlds most scenic hiking trails and Asia's finest beaches. Come now, and explore the unrivaled diversity of one of Asia's finest city.

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On: August 15th, 2014 in Hong Kong

When it's July and August, the streets of Hong Kong get unbearable hot, the smog slowly fades around your building and there is no cold water from your tab,...