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The BellBrook brings Australia to Hong Kong


Nearest Station:
Opening Hours:
Chinachem Hollywood Centre, 1 Hollywood Road
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Central MTR
Mo-Sun: 18:00-23:00


4 Stars
400 HK$ (1 Pax)

(No Alcohol incl.)

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The BellBrook
Phone: +852 2530 1600
Email: info@diningconcepts.com.hk
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The Bellbrook has arrived in Hong Kong to serve the deprived local Ozzies their Barbie Meats and local Beers. The quirky restaurant headed by chef David Laris is worth a try. Here is my Review.

Setting 4 Stars

The interior is covered in chalk boards, the walls, the ceiling, and conveniently you get a cup of markers on your table so you can start scribbling right away! It’s definitely a place where creativity meets the eye meets good food! Head up to the third floor from Hollywood Road and step inside BellBrook. I loved the huge seamless windows covering the whole side of the restaurant. The music was great too and it’s definitely a good place to sit down with a good round of friends and have a good night. REYozBcg4V1AbX7D.jpg

Service 3.5 Stars

Solid service, good recommendation on the Wine Choice and prompt response on our requests. Here is a link to the menu, check it out for their solid selection of Australian food!


Food 4 Stars

There is absolutely nothing better than to start off your Dinner with a perfectly baked, warm, crunchy bread. And BellBrook totally pulled it off. This was probably the closest I had come to a good German Bread.

We shared starters, which were solid, with the Twistie Fries obviously standing out, just because of their presentation alone already.

Twistie Fries with Parmesan & Truffle Oil – 78 HK$

Pan Seared Scallops (on Corn Puree) – 158 HK$

In my opinion overpriced, but that’s a general problem with Scallops, go to the market and pick up half a pound of fresh scallop for a fraction, step into the restaurant next door, and you will have an up-mark of multiple times.


Fries – 58 HK$



After the Starters were served we enjoyed our glass of wine from the second bottle and then started to eagerly await the mains. I had chosen to try the Short Ribs, as I had an awesome experience on that end at Ho Lee Fook recently, and hoped being able to repeat that here!


Braised BBQ Short Ribs (with Kimchi) – 298 HK$

The short ribs were great cooked, and portion wise on the bigger size. Just right for me. It was served with a small portion of Kimchi, which was … weird as it didnt strike me as Australian much. Also, the Kimchi didn’t really accompany the Beef Short Ribs in any way, so I wonder what the intention behind this combination is.



Kangaroo Loin in smoked Hay – 298 HK$

Served with Parsnip Puree and Chocolate Raising Sauce, this was as Australian as you can get.



Barramundi cooked in Aboriginal Paperbark – 298 HK$

Finger Lime and charred Carrot on the side.



Daily Fresh Fish – 298 HK$



Dessert Time!! We finished off the nice dinner with a portion of Sticky Date Pudding (98 HK$) and Icecream with a Lava Cake (88 HK$). The Date Pudding was my favorite, heavy, yet delicious!

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