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The Burger Circus is in Town! Go, have Fun!


Nearest Station:
Opening Hours:
22 Hollywood Road, Central
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Central MTR
Mo-Sun: 18:00-23:00


4 Stars
150 HK$ (1 Pax)

(No Alcohol incl.)

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Burger Circus
Phone: +852 2810 0507
Email: info@burgercircus.com.hk
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The minds behind last years restaurant hits Ho Lee Fook, Motorino and Carbone have done it again, this time with an all American Burger place. The retro styled dinner doesn’t only serve the best smash hits of the 1960s in a full on styled place, it also serves amazing Burgers, here is our review!

Setting 4.5 / 5

I love it, even though The Burger Circus is right on Hollywood Road, Hong Kong’s busiest weekend mile for the seeing and be seen folks, once you step through the doors you are going full on John Travolta mode. From the plastic covered retro seats to the metal framed curved ceiling, this is America in the 1960’s, it is, right? Sit down, chill, get your Milkshake with a cherry top and listen to Chubby Checker rocking the house, when you are ready, get your burger!


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Service 3.5 / 5

The Black Sheep group isn’t a newcomer on Hong Kong’s restaurant scene and having started and lead multiple new restaurant ventures through last year, the one thing that is consistently good is the service. I mentioned it many times before, but (luckily) it seems there’s a revolution in the service culture happening in Hong Kong right now.

People are more than willing to pay a couple of extra bucks in return for some good old fashioned nice smiles, and thank yous. Now, we are talking about an American Burger joint here, but still, the personnel was genuine nice and friendly and we got free beer while waiting for the busy tables to clear, just saying.

Food 4 / 5

Obviously Burgers are the one thing you should go for, and we were all positively surprised about the price point at Burger Circus. Having The Butchers Club just down the street serving their small Burger for 100HK$ flat, the Burger Circus made a very good move in pricing theirs between 70 HK$ for the Burger Circus Classic to 98 HK$ for the Double Act, which is a huge, delicious construction of two patties and lavish Circus sauce (their delicious house creation).

You get the point, their most expensive burger is still cheaper than the single patty standard burger down the road.



Besides the massive Double Act, we tried “The Flame Swallower” (love the name by the way), which was a spicy chicken patty Burger, and “The Circus Burger”, their signature item, with bacon, onions, lettuce, tomatoes and Circus sauce. All Burgers were cooked to perfection, juicy meat patty and the very yummy Circus sauce gave everything the last little extra kick on the flavor side.



For sides we tried the Jalapeno Poppers, which are deep fried jalapenos with crème cheese filling, and their Circus Fries, which is kind of an American version of the famous Canadian Poutine, but with their own Circus sauce and chopped onions with cheese. Both items were good, but I felt the 78 HK$ for the 4 pieces of Jalapeno are a lot on the expensive side, make it 58 HK$ instead or at least throw another piece in there.

Same issues with the fries, while I feel 38 HK$ for the bigger portion of Circus Fries is ok, we also ordered the “normal” fries for 30 HK$ but got a significantly smaller portion (it was almost ridiculous, up to the point that I didn’t even get to snap a pic because the max 10 pieces of fries were already gone). So I would hope the Circus Burger Team does a bit more balancing on their sides in terms of prices and portions.



Drinks 4/5

We had an awesome milkshake, even though it must have been 1000 calories in a cup. But oh dear the mix of …. was pretty much heaven. We recommend to try one of the milkshakes for sure, they are delicious. We also ordered a glass of their home made soda which was alright, but we would recommend you to skip it and go for the milkshakes and nothing else.

A last point of complain, we got another glass of home made soda to the table that we didn’t order, so the waiter just told us it was on the house, but when we got the bill they actually charged us for it. Common guys, we didn’t order it, we didn’t want it, you told us its on the house, and then you charge us for it? Overall a fantastic meal with amazing burgers, but things like that just leave a tiny sour note on your palate just before leaving.