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Teawood – Mediocre Taiwanese Restaurant


Nearest Station:
Opening Hours:
2/F, Carnarvon Plaza, 20 Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
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TST MRT (Exit B2)
Mon - Thu: 12:00-24:00
Fri - Sun & eve of Public Holiday: 12:00-01:00


2 Stars
100 HK$ (1 Pax)

(No Alcohol incl.)

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Phone: +852 2367 2208
Email: info@teawood.hk
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A couple of months back we tried every weekend to get a dinner table at Teawood, and the place was so packed, that we always ended up eating somewhere else. Yesterday our “somewhere else” was so packed, that we ended up in the now “empty” Teawood. That’s Hong Kong, that’s how quick restaurants come and leave. Teawood is a leaver, not sure why there was such a hype in the first place. My Review.

SETTING – 3 Stars 3 out of 5

Teawood is a typical Taiwanede style cafe. Which means wymsical decort, wymsical menu, rude service (as usual in Hong Kong) and average food. There are multiple outlets, pretty much all on Kowloon side, and your best bet is TST as there are a couple in close vicinity of each other. What I have to praise them for is their reservation system (which is useless now since there’s no lineup anymore). There is a touchscreen at the entrance where you type in for how many people you require a table, and the system ten automatically manages and assigns the free spots to the waiting guests.
Advice though, the nice tables at the window are only for 3-4 people, otherwise you end up in the cramped interior.




SERVICE – 1 Stars 1 out of 5

This has become a no brainer for almost all local places I review, service is pretty much non existent, and if it does, than you usually would go better without them anyways, because the rudeness doesn’t add any value and just makes it worse. Same Same. Teawood has no English speaking staff and everyone is untrained as a goldfish.




FOOD – 2 Stars 2 out of 5

Apparently Teawood is famous for their desserts, so it’s a pity we were there for a Sunday dinner (after a weekend of eating), and weren’t really in the mood to indulge in waffles and creme.
So we ended up getting 2 items from the normal menu plus a portion of fried chicken (Hey, it’s a Taiwanese place after all). Unfortunately it all turned out to be below average.




Fried Chicken – 58 HKD
Massive fried coating, tiny piece of meat. That probably describes it best. Skip, if not in need of extra calories.


Minced Pork Noodles – 50 HK$
Probably the best out of the three dishes we got. The noodles were ok, although partly undercooked, the portion of minced meat was too small. The broth was flavorful, but  I have my doubts on the amount of MSG in the local places.



Chicken Dish – 90 HK$ (came with Drink and Dessert as part of the Dinner set)
My wife said it’s some famous Taiwanese chicken dish, for me it was something I can happily skip. There was again mostly bones and no meat, and even the rice they brought was dry.


For dessert we had a piece of cake which I will let go through as “passable”. It happens a lot that yo get a piece of sponge with some thin chocolate layer served, and that’s your creamy rich cake then. At least today it was a proper cake, with dense texture and a proper amount of mousse and chocolate versus the sponge.



Alright, I made this review short, as I don’t want to waste any time on this place. Avoid if you aren’t starving and the rest of Hong Kong has shut down.