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The Envoy – Hipster Drinks in Central


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3/F, The Pottinger Hong Kong, 74 Queen’s Road Central
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Central MTR


4 Stars
130 HK$ per Cocktail (1 Pax)

(No Alcohol incl.)

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The Envoy
Phone: +852 2169 3311
Email: info@theenvoy.hk
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I had seen their drinks popping up every then and now on my Instagram feed, so I had to go and see those cheesy duck glasses out by myself. Firstly I was impressed about the ambiance and vibe stepping into the Pottinger Hotel where the bar is situated in.

AngryAngMo Review First Impression njI5uIJKOMgO0Zl6.jpg

Yes threes a life besides 7-11 drinks and foot massage in Soho. Somehow I had overlooked this gem in central for the longest time. A quick check for their room prices later though explained why. 3000 HKD per night for the cheapest room, unfortunately wont be able to give this one a review any time soon. But hey, first lets fill their money bags a bit more by going for overpriced cocktails. So let’s stick to the bar.


There is a huge inside area which has the typical old school bar vibe, with dark wood and contemporary furniture, paired with warm low light levels (you know that grade of light you barely ever find in any place in Asia, because why setting a mood if I pay for the electricity anyways, SO LETS LIGHT THIS BITCH UP and bombard my otherwise super cozy place with death rays of white light.


Anyways, the jewel of the Envoy is their outdoor rooftop terrace, with comfortable lounge areas, as well as standing cocktail tables, so you can either stay here for a whole night of debauchery or quickly swing by for one or two of their famous cocktails.

zucvDas1IiiQ4Rfs.jpg AngryAngMo Review Food and Drinks

Their menu has a heavy South East Asian influence, and having lived in Singapore for the longest time of my Asia stint, I was delighted to see a reappearance of the “Milo Dinosaur” and my all-time favorite “Kaya Toast” transformed into cocktails on the menu.


The Girls went for their signature Cocktail “Honey Me Honey Tea“, you know the one with the duck glasses. The taste was good in general, like, the only way to mess up a cocktail is by not putting enough alcohol in it anyways. My “Kaya Toast” turned out to be a nice variation of one of my favorite drinks, Whisky Sour.


However, I really have the feeling there’s a constant shrinking of portions happening right now in Hong Kong. It’s as if there’s a machine somewhere that’s ruins hidden in the shadows and is sending out shrinking rays to all Bars and Restaurants glasses and tabs. Charging 120-150 HKD for one cocktail, you would expect something a little bit more than 3 sip worthy. If FuckYeahNoms would review this, it would get nothing more than a “Drinks for Ants” rating.

AngryAngMo Review Conclusion

I loved their setting, and the convenience of the location. The South East Asian influence on their whole menu is a big plus if you like the area, and the drinks were nicely mixed. I guess I am still a cheap ass because the only thing worth complaining about is the size of the drinks. If you need a quick drink in central or a new place to take your clients to, go for “The Envoy”, you wont be disappointed!


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