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Wings Galore – Tuesday’s at The Big Bite


Nearest Station:
Opening Hours:
Shop 4B, G/F Kar Fu Bldg, 196-202 Java Rd, Hong Kong
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Northpoint MTR (Exit A1)
Mon -Sun: 12:00-23:00


4 Stars
100 HK$ incl. 1 Beer (1 Pax)

(No Alcohol incl.)

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The Big Bite
Phone: +852 69799690
Email: info@creamgroup.com.hk
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The Big BIte © Photo by AngryAngMo

If you are craving for an unlimited, sumptuous Chicken Wings experience in Hong Kong (if you are lucky, you might have had that in Canada or the States before) then search no longer. The Bi Gite is a Canadian Burger Joint, that happens to have the best Wings offer in town. Head over next Tuesday and enjoy Wings for 3 HK$ a piece, here is our review!

SETTING – 4.5 Stars 4.5 out of 5

The Big Bite is in Northpoint, get of the MTR station from exit A1 and head straight on the right side until you are in front of the restaurant. It’s a cozy, American burger joint like place. You can order everything for takeout or take a seat at one of the many places.

But be warned, on Wings Tuesday the place usually gets packed latest 6:30pm and you will have to line up to get a table.

There’s Wifi too (Password: ribeyesteak).


SERVICE – Self Service

Since we are talking Canadian Burger Joint here, there wont be anyone greeting you, taking your jacket and asking if you would like still or sparkling water, this is a fast food joint, so don’t be fussy. The service personnel is nice, and once orders are ready (you pay first and get a receipt), they will walk around and bring the food to your table. That’s good enough!



FOOD / DRINKS – 4.5 Stars 4.5 out of 5

After all, we came for the Wings. So the Deal every Tuesday is, but a beer, get all Wings for 3 HK$ a piece. We ended up with 72 pieces, a couple of beers, 3 poutines and 1 burger. That should show you already, yes, we liked it here. Wings are being served in 6 different “hotness” grades, while we found mild and hot to be the most delicious ones. Additionally they serve crispy Honey Garlic Wings which were our favorites, but oh the calories. The Wings were super fresh and all deliciously marinated in very flavorful sauce, depending on your level of spiciness.


Their Burgers are great too, but if you come here on a Tuesday, you come for the Wings, so I didn’t waste any space on buns and salad.
They have a very good selection of North American beer here, and having your poutine on the side, you could almost feel like being back “home”. The only thing we would like to see are TVs with sport events, mainly icehockey that would be of course if I could choose.

Tip: You can ask for the gravy, fries and cheese to be served separately if you don’t like those delicious soggy fries.


Overall we had a great evening here! Make sure to drop by one Tuesday for their Wings Night!