Riding the Elevator Singapore Style – 5 Things that Piss me off

singapore elevator sign

People in Singapore don’t speak up much. That’s good, sometimes, like when I spill my Kopi over the Hawker table. But much more.. it pisses me off. Like when one person forgets to step on the left side of the escalator, and the next person walking up just stops behind, where a short and polite reminder would get the whole flow going again, and instead clogs the whole thing.

Reverse Culture Shock – The Difference between Singapore and China

singapore china shopping

So, all right. You have finally booked your ticket for a trip from Singapore to China. That is going to be a really memorable experience. But the moment you get off your flight, you may feel the sudden sense of déjà vu. You find China so much like Singapore and still not like Singapore. That is because Singapore is much more an amalgamation of ethnic cultures and multiplicities than China could ever be at this moment. So for all those people out there, strolling down the streets of Peking, here are some things that you have to know about China. Some are other amusing and some are downright practical, but that is what makes China so unique.

Sex Trafficking In Singapore

Singapore Orchard Towers

There have been a number of recent reports about women trafficked into coercive brothels in Singapore. And it appears that the Singapore police, airport officers and government are somehow in an informal understanding with this low-end business.