Soaring skylines, colonial heritage, fabulous food

Singapore is too often dismissed as the sterile, faceless, boring and chewing gum banning playground of big commercial investment banks, with it's blandly efficient system leaving no space for creativity and freedom. This is plain rubbish.

Singapore is the melting pot of Asia, it's a fascinating place, where more cultures colide and harmonize with each other than, anywhere else, where a city was reborn and transformed into a homogenic system of wealthy citizens, with a stable economy, education, health and poverty reduction systems to rely on, all whilst creating one of the most exciting destination in Asia, with a skylines to die for, a trye Foodies heaven, and a genuine bustling nightlife, offering lots of activities for everyone.

But beyond the infinity pools hovering the citie's shining lights, and the miriads of bars along the Singapore river, there's a deeper, more hidden music and arts culture, gaining momentum and worth digging in, Singapore is still trying to find it's real image, but it's on a very good way!

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