Before Coming

Plane to Singapore ...there is a lot to do.
Packing, planning, information gathering, farewell parties and realizing that the life you were living is going to get a huge change.
The thing that you have to prepare most carefully and intense, is probably your own mind with all its worries, fears and uncertainties.

The moment you finally set foot on Singapore you realize what you could have planned better, what you forgot...
Article: Preparartions

International Moving
Moving from a city to another is already quite an act, now imagine moving from one country to another, one continent to another...
Article: International Moving

Work Permit
When coming to Singapore for work, there are a couple of visa options you can choose from in form of working permits...
Article: Work Permit

Packing List
Not knowing where to start and where to end, i remember how difficult it was for me to get my packing and planning straight...
Article: Packing List

There are a lot of strange (at least for the average European person) laws when it comes to bringing your stuff to Singapore...
Article: Customs