Singapore Skyline at night ...there is a lot to do. Packing, planning, information gathering, farewell parties (by far the most pleasant "task") and again and again realizing that the life you were living is going to get a huge transformation. The thing that you have to prepare most carefully and intense, is probably your own mind with all its worries, fears and uncertainties. And the follwoing chapters are intended to lead you along the way and help you organizing your move and saving you time through information that i was searching for my personal journey and summarized them now here to save you time that should rather be spent with your dearest instead of google, because you wont see them for a long time.

Being Sick
Sitting in the tropics with a pack of tissue paper in your hand and a hot tea in the other is not really what comes into your mind when you think of Singapore...
Article: Being Sick

Doctors / Hospitals
Before coming to Singapore i was reading only good things about the local doctors and medicine. They were praised as being one of the best and most modern ones...
Article: Doctors/Hospitals

Money Exchange
If you live in Singapore you have to get used to wallets that weight more then your average durian fruit. Carrying a couple of different currencies with you every day...
Article: Money Exchange

Language Schools
Being in South Eas Asia in the first place you should take the opportunity and start learning a new language. Any Asian language preferable, i mean, it would make sense, right?...
Article: Language Schools

Smoking / Cigarettes
Singapore is not a nation of smokers, thats a fact. Cigarettes are expensive and highly taxted by the government and laws are getting stricter every day...
Article: Smoking / Cigarettes