Smoking / Cigarettes

Cigarette Sign In Singapore Singapore is not a nation of smokers, thats a fact. Cigarettes are expensive and highly taxted by the government and laws are getting stricter every day about where you are still allowed to light your stick. However, you can buy them at every corner and smoke them right there as well (theres no restriction on smoking cigarettes on the streets etc. as long as the place complies with the below restricted locations).
The easiest solution would however still be...quitting.

Picture by Alex Steffler

Cigarette Prices

Cigarette prices vary from 8$ to over 15$ depending on the brand and the location you buy them. There are "cheaper" noname/local versions which are usually around the 8$ and then you have international brands such as Marlboro or Dunhill which are usually around 12$.
The prices are getting even higher if you decide to buy your cigarettes in a bar or club, cheaper in every supermarket.

Can I Bring Cigarettes In Then?

You can...try...but i wouldnt advise you to do so. Its officially forbidden to bring any cigarettes or tobacco products into Singapore. Yes, completely.

And the customs dont care if you show up with your old and precious cigarette collection or if its a box of antique cigars worth USD2000 a piece or a carton of DIY wrapped tobacco, they have the rights to confiscate all of them & will charge you up to 20x of the duties and Goods & Service Tax evaded, especially if you get angry or really obstinate about the issue & get discovered in the non-declaration side of the customs.

However you can bring in...1 opened pack (yes, i know, its massive). More than that you are advised by the government to declare and pay duties, otherwise risk getting accused of smuggling cigarettes into Singapore.

This Guy Is Offering Me Cheap Cigarettes - Can I Buy Them?

There are certain places in Singapore which are famous for street selling of "cheaper" contraband cigarettes. The guys around these dodgy locations selling are all unlicensed street peddlers and what they are selling is illegal.
An purchase of these contraband cigarettes will be fined SGD500.

Places You Shouldnt Smoke At

In general smoking is prohibited in all air-conditioned buildings, including all pubs & discos and public areas including streets, bus-stops and swimming pools where there may be 2 or more non-smokers walking around.
You are only allowed to smoke in designated smoking rooms. For more detailed information, read Blog: A Complete List Of Places In Singapore You Shouldnt Smoke At