10 Most Touristy Things To Do In Singapore (Part1)

By now Singapore is most famous for its popular laws against Chewing Gums, executing Drug traffickers and being the cleanest city of the world. The more advanced tourist will also be aware of the Durian fruit, the Merlion, Sentosa and probably the first F1 night race. That’s it. Boring.
But to satisfy the jungle outfit wearing town map waving traveler, please continue reading for the 10 most touristy things you can do in Singapore! Enjoy! Or jump to the second Part of this series with “5 More Touristy Things To Do In Singapore.

1. Look Like A Tourist

I recently published a post about “What Clothes You Should Wear In Singapore” which pretty much includes it all.
For looking and being identifiable as a tourist in Singapore, simply follow the next steps:

  • • Put on white socks as a combination with sandals or even worth, Crocs (which seems to give people the idea they achieved complete integration to the local culture by doing so)
  • • Hold A Singapore Map folded in your hand or wide open in front of you
  • • Around your waist you have a Fanny Pack filled with important accessors such as compass, Malaria Prophylaxe and Water purifying tablets for the wild Singaporean jungle
  • • Your partner and you have to put on matching Outdoor clothes, including Trekking shoes, safari vest and hiking pants (most preferable in brownish colors)

2. Behave Like A Tourist

Before we really dig into the touristy “things” to do, we have to successfully tweak you to being a proper tourist first. This also includes touristy behavior as per the following.

  • • You must be very suspicious towards everything uncommon, this includes the color of taxis as well as the Chili sauce instead of Ketchup on your McDonalds Burger
  • • Every 5 Meter you have to take a look on that town map in your hand and if possible start a discussion about your current location
  • • Since its safe to do and there is not much that can go wrong, drink beer for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • • You must expect perfect service from the Hawker Stall aunty that was happy enough having understood your heavily accented order

3. Take A Boat Ride To The Merlion And then A Picture Of It Spitting In Your Mouth

I just visited the Merlion for the 10th time yesterday, since I had a friend over visiting Singapore for the first time. And somehow this ugly concrete monster still draws the major attention of tourists here, flocking to the place, taking pictures of the recently fixed up Merlion.

  • • Be touristy and take a bum boat ride over the Singapore river and finally the million dollar shot at the Merlion site

4. Have A Cable Car Ride To Sentosa And An Expensive Drink At Siloso Beach

Although we just lost one of the nicest locations and hang out places on Sentosa, being the only reason for me to ever really take the journey to our little artificial island, tourists like to hang out on the man made beaches taking overpriced drinks at one of the many bars. (The 5 Most Unique beach Bars In Singapore)

  • • Be touristy and take the Cable car ride from “Harbor Front Vivo City” to Sentosa, and don’t visit the small secluded beaches like “Tanjong Beach”, but only the crowded main location, Siloso Beach.

5. Ignore The Ice cream Uncle On Orchard Road And Buy A Fake LV Wallet

The ice cream uncles are a solid institution of Singapore’s street culture, standing on the busy streets of our island, resisting the smoking heat and selling 1$ ice creams to the tourists from all over the world. Unfortunately too many people don’t really treasure the old uncles as much as they should. Go and get a ice cream tomorrow!

  • • Be touristy go to one of the Fast Food restaurants for your cheap refreshment instead of having a nice chat and supporting the local ice cream uncles. And once on the roll, you better buy one of the fake products they sell in the Orchard Road underpasses.

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i think that #3 is a brilliant thing to do! not doing that is like going to Pisa and not doing that “holding up the leaning tower” pose! :)

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