10 Most Touristy Things To Do In Singapore (Part2)

By now Singapore is most famous for its popular laws against Chewing Gums, executing Drug traffickers and being the cleanest city of the world. The more advanced tourist will also be aware of the Durian fruit, the Merlion, Sentosa and probably the first F1 night race. That’s it. Boring.

This is the second part of my post “10 Most Touristy Things To Do In Singapore“, you can read the first part here

Having discussed the first “5 Most Touristy Things To Do In Singaporehere, following is the second half with 5 even more touristy things.

6. Get Drunk At Clarke Quay And Behave Like… A Tourist

The “Reeperbahn” in Hamburg, La Barcelonetta in Barcelona or Shibuya in Tokyo, they all draw the attention of a big thirsty mass of tourists. Shiny, colorful crowded streets and lots of alcohol. That’s also what you find in Singapore’s tourist number one night spot Clarke Quay.

  • • Be touristy and get drunk at one of the many bars and clubs, and if you can still talk try to get a local girls attention. You are right on track buddy!

7. Have Lunch At A Local Hawker Center, And Eat Western Food

I don’t and shouldn’t have to mention it again, but the local food is one of Singapore’s REAL highlights, once you dig in to the wide array of local food you will never return to Mc, BK and their likes again. (The 5 Best Hawker center In Singapore)

  • • Be touristy and walk bravely into one of the many local Hawker Centers (Food Courts) just to end up at the only Western Stall ordering Spaghetti or a Hamburger after having suspiciously checked out all the “weird local” places

8. Have A Singapore Sling At The Raffles Hotel And Throw Peanuts On The Floor

The famous Singapore Sling cocktail was supposedly created in Singapore and it’s no wonder you haven’t seen it on your locals Cocktail Bar menu yet. Its too sweet, and not only that, due to the huge touristy demand, it gets pre-made and the only original thing left is the cocktail umbrella on your drink.(The 5 Most Unique beach Bars In Singapore)

  • • Be touristy and take a picture with the most photographed person in Singapore, the Door Boy at the main entrance of the Raffles Hotel after having had your Singapore Sling.

9. Keep On Complaining How Everything At “Home” Is So Much Better The Here

The food, the people, the transport system, the weather (oh yes, especially the weather), the prices and the clean air…usually everything is better at home then at your holiday destination of choice. (Singapore Is really Strange, Can You Explain Please?)

But, I forgot, who was the person that booked the flight to Singapore in the first place? Ah, I remember, it was you :) So take it as it comes, you are in the tropics, South East Asia, not London or New York any more.

  • • Be touristy and complain about everything, the cab driver is cheating, the food is cold, the people walk on the wrong way and the sun is too hot

10. Feel That You Totally Understand The Asian Culture Because You Know How To Hold Chopsticks

Nothing to add here :)

What Do You Think Is Typical Touristy In Singapore?

Share your opinion and what you think is the ultimate touristy thing to do in Singapore with us in the comments below! Lets collect some hilarious stuff!




Good points all of them. I don’t live in Singaapore but report to a division office there and so get to travel there 4 or 5 times per year.

Chinatown is always a good touristy area though it does have several of my favorite restaurants so I always go back there. I just avoid the trinket shops selling “antiques”.

I have to have my Kaya toast from Ya Kun and Chicken Rice at Maxwell food court.

Clarke Quay seems to be the place the locals always want to take me. Dinner, Pump Room, Attica..like a set course.

I haven’t done the Singapore Flyer yet. I have heard it offers spectacular views of…uh… the casino construction?

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