The 25 Most Useful Free iPhone / iPad Apps For Singapore

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There are millions of iPhone and now iPad apps out there in the wild, but only a view really good and helpful that will guide you through your daily Singapore life. I have collected and reviewed the 25 best free iPhone / iPad apps for Singapore here.

Singapore Restaurants / Food (4 free apps)

• HungryGoWhere
The most popular local food site has made its comprehensive restaurant reviews and related snippets available via the iPhone
Download the free HungryGoWhere app here (iTunes)

• BuUuk
The second largest Food and restaurant community in Singapore. The iPhone app includes Argumented Reality features
Download the free BuUuk app here (iTunes)

• SG Food Reviews Lite
Find out whats good around you with this huge collection of restaurant and food reviews
Download the free SG Food Reviews app here (iTunes)

• Kopi
This invaluable guide to ordering coffee should be on the iPhone of every coffee drinker in Singapore. Kopi is free.
Download the free Kopi app here (iTunes)

Singapore Traffic / Public Transport (8 apps)

SG Buses
With SG Buses, you can browse or search for information of a particular bus, or search for all the bus available at a particule bus stop or road.
Download the free SG Buses app here (iTunes)

This is another free bus guide for the iPhone. What’s different is that it tells you which bus stops are near you, and allows you to bookmark your favourite buses at specific bus stops.
Download the free TransGuide app here (iTunes)

SG Trains
SG Trains is a guide to Singapore’s train system. It contains estimated train arrival times, including whole schedules of the first and last trains, and the traveling time between stations.
Download the free SG Trains app here (iTunes)

SG ERP is an iPhone/iPod Touch application that provides on-the-go solution to obtain prices of Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) Gantries in Singapore
Download the free SG ERP app here (iTunes)

TraffiCam SG
TraffiCam SG for iPhone provides updated access to webcams in all the key traffic locations in Singapore
Download the free TraffiCam app here (iTunes)

Simple no-fuss application to find parking rates and locations in Singapore
Download the free carpark@SG app here (iTunes)

The app will display maps to see the exact location of the traffic cops or traffic jams just around you in Singapore
Download the free TrafficAlert app here (iTunes)

SG Next Bus
SG NextBus focuses on delivering bus arrival times. It will work with all SBS Transit Buses as well as SMRT buses
Download the free SG Next Bus app here (iTunes)

Singapore Online Banking / Finance (4 apps)

OCBC Internet banking
The official OCBC iBanking app allows you to manage all your OCBC financials on the go
Download the free OCBC Internet Banking app here (iTunes)

Same goes for the official Maybank iPhone app, iBanking on the iPhone
Download the free Maybank app here (iTunes)

iCash SG
iCash SG helps you locate the ATMs of the major banks in Singapore. It also features the ability to create a favourites list so you can quickly get to the ATMs you use
Download the free iCash SG app here (iTunes)

SingTel BBOM
This nice free app helps you to watch over your data usage so you dont exceed your monthly limit
Download the free SingTel BBOM app here (iTunes)

Singapore Gambling (5 apps)

SG Toto
SG Toto is a software that checks the weekly Toto results from Singapore Pools. It gives you a better alternative to finding out the Toto results every Monday and Thursday
Download the free SG Toto app here (iTunes)

SG Toto generator
Too lazy to think about which numbers to choose, this application will do the job for you
Download the free SG Toto Generator app here (iTunes)

SG 4D is the app to checking 4D results from Singapore Pools. If you are into 4D lottery, then you must have this
Download the free SG 4D app here (iTunes)

SG 4D Number generator
Too lazy to think about which numbers to choose, this application will do the job for you
Download the free SG 4D app here (iTunes)

SG Pools
And finally all the results in one application, see the latest / live numbers and see if you hit the jackpot
Download the free Kopi app here (iTunes)

Singapore Health / Medical (2 apps)

iHealth Sg
iHealth Sg is a comprehensive guide to all healthcare facilities in Singapore and contains over 3000 healthcare facilities like Clinics, Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Laboratories
Download the free Kopi app here (iTunes)

This free app for Singapore has a calendar listing all upcoming Bloodmobile locations, a calculator to show you when you can next donate blood, contacts for blood donation centres in Singapore and also a simple FAQ about blood donation
Download the free Kopi app here (iTunes)

Singapore Shopping (1 app)

SG Malls
SG Malls is a great free application for the iPhone and iPad that allows you to browse through all Singapore malls and lists which shops are inside and where
Download the free Kopi app here (iTunes)

What’s Your favorite iPhone app for Singapore?

Do you know of a great and helpful or fun application for the iPhone in Singapore AND its free? Then post it in the comments below and I add it into the new list in my next post!




Here’s another toto app, totoPal. Helps checks draws. saw that on iMerlion


DBS also has a version of iBanking for iPhone in AppStore.

Both CNA and Today newspaper also have iPhone version.


MeRadio. you can listen to singapore radio using iPhone :D and you can also listen to it while doing other things :D


check out the ezbazi-lite. This is the only free iphone apps that plot out your Bazi chart. and also visit their website to learn how to decode your own chart.


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