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3 Reasons Why Singapore Is The Most Unromantic City Ever

I recently realized that its better not to pop the big question in Singapore. Romantic dates wont be a good thing to do in Singapore either. And if you are Single but actually you don’t want to be, ask the government, they have some romantic “scripts” and “plans” for you. This whole “romantic thing” isn’t really working out here yet.

Singapore Divorce © Photo by Kevin Dooley - Flickr

1. No Romantic Spots – Then Let’s Catch A Movie!

I will never forget walking along the lonely, white beaches on the Philippines, the sunshine in front of me and the little, but more then comfi hut right behind me. The special atmosphere of the old and narrow alleys in Barcelona or I walked through the endless fields of my hometown.


Now in Singapore most dates or romantic occasions will go like this, “Ok lah, wanna catch a movie?“. (How To Survive A Night A Singapore’s Cinemas)

That’s it. Sorry but there wont be more. Maybe having dinner or going for desert, but really (like seriously) romantic spots? Well some might say for example sitting on the (dirty and artificial) beaches and watching freighters go by or taking a overpriced ride in the Singapore Flyer (with 20 other people in your cabin), but for me, a real romantic spot still has to be found in Singapore.


2. No Romantic People – Let The Government Handle It

I hadn’t come over a place yet where the government (which is supposed to be like the ultimate not romantic organization ever) officially had to run mating-campaigns, offer free dating services for local people and let the newspaper print articles about how to spice up your sex life. Now, if the government has to take the role of the love-guru, what does that tell us about the people?


I guess you shouldn’t expect to find your personal Romeo nearby soon… However, just drop your regional council a SMS if you are single, I’m sure they will organize some speed-dating for you to go during your lunch break.
(The 5 Best Places To Have Sex In Your Car In Singapore)


3. No Romantic Life – The Ultimate Reason

Don’t blame the boys. Again the government shows how much of a romantic institution they are by only allowing local couples to purchase their own home, once they are married. Now this confronts the man-loves-girl-wants-to-propose person with some serious issues:

– Buying your own home must be planned very well and far in advance. Completion time from the date of purchase is in average 2-3 years. This means, you have to “guess” that everything will be still alright in 2-3 years from the moment you start looking for your home-sweet-home.


– But, assuming you are a mid-twenty couple and you don’t really have planned to marry yet (which is totally reasonable). You already have to consider buying the place so its ready once you turn the age you have chosen to say the words.


– Once you “think” everything will still be alright in 2-3 years, and you have figured out it would be best to start looking for that place, for not being bound under Daddy and Mummy’s roof once you got married… Well, there is no real surprise for the big question left anymore… right?


– So in fact, the romantic question popped below the Eiffeltower or the place where you two met first, “Will You Marry Me?” turns into a rather rational “Shall we check out the catalogs of the upcoming HDB projects this afternoon?” after coming out of the cinema from point 1.


– The real question will be some “super duper surprising” (planned) event later, and assuming short before the flat is completed. Wow. How romantic!


Do You Feel The Vibe In Singapore?

Let me know how you feel about Singapore’s love life, the romantic spots, the up and downs and the question “to ask or not to ask”!?
Post your spirit in the comments below please!!




Nothing but the truth here. :P

And we have to wonder why the birth rate is so low. :/

Zeus Yeo

For some people, the romance gets thinner after marriage and in worse cases, wear off.

Part of the reason that I can think of is the tremendous amount of stress that most of us faced daily at work. With long working hours, the number of hours that we can clock sleeping is a priority over romantic dates for some of us.


I actually disagree with you man. There are many great romantic spots in singapore.


Hahaha! I think you had great inspiration at Holland Village!

I agree!

And I still blame the boys!


To Jasbir,

Do elaborate because now I am even finding places to hang out, let alone romantic spots!


Good try but i think you only know Singapore superficially.

Singapore may not have that many natural scenery being a city but there are still plenty of romantic places around, only if you open your eyes and heart. We have more places to go than a cinema, and the persons involved plays a part as well.

I’m not sure what gives you the authority to say Singapore has no romantic people. Just for curiosity, how long have you lived in Singapore? Did you have a chance to show the locals how romantic the ang mos are? Some things cannot be viewed just from the surface.

It’s true we are pressed for time to have a romantic life. Work and life can be pressurizing. But this happens not just to Singaporeans. As for HDB flats, the question “shall we check out the HDB catalogue” is passe. Most Singaporean girls would expect a proper proposal. And a HDB flat will not bind us to a marriage. I know a few cases of weddings being called off due to some reasons, even when the HDB flats were already applied and in some cases, ready. This is definitely not the ultimate reason.


LOL !!!

Romance is in head I think ! ..I do agree that people now a days not just in Singapore are too much thinking about money before marriage…after marriage any way nothing to think about!



haha, im glad so many of you are sharing your opinion on Singapore’s romantic value, anybody else has some good suggestions for a romantic dinner?


Hi hi, first of all, I agree with most of the things you say in this whole website! It’s hilarious and brings back fond memories.

On this point of romance though – well I lived in Singapore for 1.5 years and yeah it’s not the most romantic place on earth but if you think hard enough, you can find some cool places to go. East coast park bike ride, New Asia Bar view from the top. Romantic dinners can be had for top prices! Find the restaurants owned and operated by ang moh near the Substation yo. ;) I met my bf there and we managed to romance each other for 3 months so it can work! Still together and speaking singlish now and then to keep the romance alive — call us weird :P


A poor workman/woman blames his tools, or erm… bemoans the lack thereof in his toolshed, if we were to stretch the analogy. :P



Hello, I came across your blog. Its so interesting. We´re both the same age, you´re German staying in Singapore, I´m Singaporean staying in Germany….hahah. Reading your blog, I can´t help but think of all the posts that I have written about Germany and its culture through the eyes of a Singaporean.


Interesting…yes quite true in someways, haha
other point is the lack of changing seasons and stuff. its always the hot humid weather and city life….so may not be as romantic as other places.

HK is also small and city like but there is a different vibe there….a bit more happening.

Vincent Wijeysingha

Who is this clown? Romance is a highly personal thing and an imaginative and well, romantic, person doesn’t really need a travel brochure to tell them how to be romantic. Strolling along the shops of Ann Siang Hill, pregnant with history; the River backlit by the cty district, the skyscrapers dancing in the water; the immensely graceful churches; architecturally marvellous buildings of the East Coast; Fort Canning Hill on a moon-bright night; watching the bumboats take off from Changi Point or indeed taking a boat to the Southern Islands, Pulau Ubin… Asia is an unbelievably romntic place and Singapore definitely so, even if you have to use your imagination to work out what romantic means and fit your surroundings to the mood and tempo.

I would advise the writer to perhaps use the imagination he may have and BE romantic rather than be IN a romantic place.

Of course the other option is for you to go on home, given how romantic you understand your own country t be. I’m sure Singapore, romantic or otherwise, would survive without you.


yes this thing is true there is no place for rommance in singapore thats why my gf like to come jb for rommance.


I like this post! It really got me thinking. I admit unreservedly I am not a romantic. Now I know why or at least some of the contributing factors, heehee. The main reason I like this post is because it set me thinking on how I can improve and love my life. I remember a saying, where you spend most time, that is your life – and I think I spend most in work these days….
But romance is a personal thing for eg. siting together in a bus-stop while it is raining and not wanting to board the bus as you want to spent cozying each other may be regarded as romantic for some but “bo liao” (meaningless) for others. Having a nice dinner and evening at il lido is considered romantic for some but “not worth it” for some. So it comes down to this – and it’s my humble 2 cents opinion, romance is everywhere, be it at the foot of eiffel tower listening to a bard singing or at a coffeeshop holding hands across table and looking at each others’ eyes that speak lovingly, it is how you use each moment to express what we feel on the inside to our love ones on the outside.

Yes, Singapore do lack of places as compared with a lot of countries, but since I am here, I make do what I can. So can somebody here suggest a nice dinner place, cosy atmosphere that can set hearts fluttering but that is not SO expensive?


nowadays, guys don’t propose by asking “Will you marry me?”.. they just propose by saying (not asking!) “There is a new BTO on the HDB website.. Let’s apply that!” -_-||


I am torn between agreeing AND disagreeing to your statement.I’m a newly wed,been living here for 6 months, and thankfully me and my husband never run out of ideas (yet) as to how to be romantic, despite of being in Singapore.It is kind of hard being romantic in a city so overrun by malls (we reside in Orchard Road), and I get all queasy when I see so many prostitutes in major dining/shopping areas everywhere.Sad. Coz I truly have loved this country.Being romantic is in the head,after all. It doesn’t matter where you are as long as you’re with your loved one….we recently appreciated that outdoor sitting area in UE Square off Clemenceau Avenue.We love the short walk from there to the house-back in November it was a rainy walk and we had a very tiny umbrella and it was soooo romantic! We do lovingly look back living in Abu Dhabi though;our house back there was a mere 5 minute walk away from the beach, with all its cafes, not to mention shisha.We miss Quezon City in the Philippines…a lot of coffee shops not within a mall, and jazz pubs so cozy the singer calls you by name.Not to mention it was cheaper as well and the quality was superbly authentic in both UAE/Philippines)
Love can still be romantic despite the place, whatever the budget as long as you’re together.


The Chinese garden is a nice romantic spot. Especially the pagoda at 7pm.

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