The 4 Cheapest Ways Of Moving Stuff In Singapore

Now that You have stored away all the things you really don’t need to survive the daily concrete jungle in Singapore, its time to shift the remaining stuff over to your new place. You got everything packed, but how to bring them over?

1. Cheapest: Have A Friend With A Car

“Make friends before you move”, and most preferable those with cars. Ok, evil thoughts but honestly the best way of moving is to have a good friend with a car that fits more then a sports bag and your purse and then make a few drives back and forward until everything is settles.

Although I admit that it might be difficult to find a friend in Singapore with a relatively big car. And adding up the ERP if you live or move towards the CBD will make you pay a bit more as well.

2. Hardcore: MRT or Bus

I used a mixture of number 1 and number 2, where taking the train with bags and suitcases full of (heavy) stuff wont bring you any joy. I can promise you that. Yes its the probably cheapest option if you cant find anyone with a car to help you out.. but its also the most annoying one.

People will stare you down if you enter the train with your huge Ikea bags hanging from both shoulders and the MRT security check guards will not let go of you until they have searched through your dirty underwear for any potential bombs or threats. (The Singapore Subway – A Jungle In The City)

Use the big gates to get in and out and make use of the elevators (If the foot foul commuters let you in of course)

3. Tricky: Large Cab

Here’s one of my favorites. You will get the option to shift over a lot of things at a time, and if the way is not too long, you will stay within the 10$ reach easily.

Call a big cab (those vans) and just fill it up with your things. It works as tested by me. The whole ride will cost you in most cases not more then 10$-15$ and if you are lucky the cabby will even help you unload your things. (You Better Not Punch A Cabby In Singapore)

4. Classic: Moving Company

The last option is of course the common moving company. Its by far the most expensive (ranging from 50$ to 100$) BUT also by far the most convenient.

You have movers that will load all your things and boxes from your flat directly to their transporter. You can ask them to bring additional boxes or pay extra to have them even pack your things.
And if you are not moving a 5 bedroom flat then everything should be moved in one easy go.

Since I just moved this May 2009 I made some good contacts here with professional and reliable movers. Drop me an email if you need their contacts. I can really recommend them.


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