5 Amazing facts about the Resort World Sentosa in Singapore

The Resort World Sentosa is a great feast of entertainment. The place is simply fascinating. When you visit, you’ll definitely fall short of words to describe it. With many firsts in the world, Resort World Sentosa and the Universal Studios in Singapore offer something unique to every visitor. Yes, there are many other places, but nothing catches the fancy of people like the Resort World.

1. First Universal Studios in South East Asia (With World Premiering Rides)

This is the first theme park in Southeast Asia by Universal Studios Singapore. It’s spread on 24 hectares of land and features a total of 24 rides and attractions. The prime among these are the Battlestar Galactica Ride which is a multi-track coaster, and a replica of the famous Revenge of the Mummy Attraction. The mummy ride is presently only available at Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando. The park is divided into total seven sectors which include Sci-Fi City, New York City, Egypt, The Lost World and The Hollywood. 6 hotels are also there which have a combined room count of 1800 rooms.

2. Worlds Largest Oceanarium (Marine Life Park)

Resort World Sentosa has the world’s largest oceanarium. It has 20 million gallons of water and is home to almost 700,000 diverse sea creatures. Exotic species like sharks stingrays and dolphins can also be seen although there has been some controversy going on with animal right activists. There are indoor and outdoor, dry and wet activities in the Marine life Park to keep visitors entertained but the prime goal apart from entertainment is the research of marine life. There is a team of experts which will research and collect data about the marine patters and lifestyles of these species on a daily basis.

3. 1/2 Km of Shopping an a 10 Storey High Crane Fountain

For the food and shopping lovers there’s a ½ kilometer of shopping and dining strip. It features some of the best restaurants and entertainment options. Branded and flagship stores are lined along this strip together with Celebrity chef restaurants, bars, clubs, pubs and cafes that are currently still being opened and given the final touch.
Every night, the highlight is an exclusive performances of the Crane Dance. The event features two 10 storey high animatronic cranes which mimic the courtship of a crane pair. The sound and lighting effects will surely take your breath away.

4. High Tech and new Inventions at the Universal Studios

The Universal Studios will set new standarts for every upcoming amusement park. It’s the first sci-fi city in the world. The place has many marvels of science and offers not only rides but real science to live and experience for the visitors.
They are treated with some of the latest and never seen before technologies. One highlight will be the Shrek 4D attraction, an awesome experience in which viewers are taken into the world of Shrek virtually and physically. Another highly anticipated ride in sci-fi city is the Transformers ride.

5. New Maritime Experimental Museum (Learn How to Ship Wreck Now!)

The history of the maritime silk route is featured in here. The route is depicted along the Straits of Malacca and the surrounding regions. The architecture of the place moves from 9th to 19th century. Then there’s the Typhoon Theater which gives a 360 degree 4D ship wreck experience.

These facts are just a glimpse of what is on offer in Universal Studios and Resort World Singapore. Besides these, there are many other attractions like Michael Graves Casino, Le Vie (Resident Show), Grand Ballroom (which can accommodate 35,000 delegates at one time) and Plenary Hall (1600 seat amphitheater). All these combine to make the place a complete package.




Do you know the official opening date of the universal studios? The homepage only says “opening soon” …


hey stefan, they havent announced any official date yet, only 1st quarter of 2010, i expect somewhere around the end of March..

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