The 5 Most Beautiful Nature Walks In Singapore (With Maps)

Whoever tells you that Singapore is nothing but a modernized South Asian City, with shopping temples and concrete jungle needs a hard knock on his forehead.
Besides the crowded Tourist areas there are many beautiful inner city Nature Reserves and still original jungle spots, with perfect hiking opportunities and wildlife experiences waiting for you!

Singapore has much to offer, not only for the food and shop-alohic, also for the nature lover, continue reading to find out about the 5 best places to experience real jungle, monkeys and splendid nature just inside of Singapore (all Admission Free).

Singapore Fort Canning ParkPhoto by ElPatre

1. Fort Canning Park

Right next to the heart of Singapore’s busiest Shopping Street, you can find this old park with its charming and authentic 18th century colonial style character. Old mansions and leftover battle stations remind of earlier times, and the huge trees, herbs garden and nature walks let you put yourself back 200 years of history in Singapore.

Very often an outdoor spot for live performances such as theater or concerts this is a good place to go, for resting your feet after a long shopping spree on a Sunday afternoon.

Singapore Bukit TimahPhoto by Soham Pablo

2. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

160ha of primary rain forest and Singapore’s highest hill (163m), the Bukit Timah Natures reserve is a place where you will find everyone from students groups to expat families enjoying the nature.
Steep walks up the hill and through the nature are a nice change to the crowded sidewalks you will normally find in Singapore. They can be rocky and more difficult for families with buggies or little children but you get rewarded with uniques sounds and nature.

Singapore MacRitchiePhoto by Eustaquio

3. MacRitchie Nature Park

I went to visit the MacRitchie Nature reserve just this weekend and it is full of real jungle and original nature experience. You will find many walks with different difficulty grades and length, leading you through this oasis of primary rain forest and its inhabitants.
A must do is the Treetop-Walk, a 250 free hanging bridge high above the rain forests tree tops.

Singapore Sungei Bolok WetlandPhoto by malakins

4. Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

This great wetland reserve in Singapore is the perfect place to watch rare birds and other wetland animals in their natural environment. A great visitor center and many informations along the walks make this Wetland reserve a special place for nature in Singapore.

Singapore Pulau UbinPhoto by Abishek KR7

5. Pulau Ubin

A small island just in front of Singapore, this place ensembles a little get-away option for everyone who is tired of the daily Singapore life. You can easily get there by a jetty (2.50 $) from the Changi Checkpoint Terminal and once on the island, you will find many walks and ways to explore the islands nature.
Especially mention worth is the Check Jawa Wetland reserve on the island that is famous for its great nature. You can easily reach it by foot from the jetty, but you have to make reservations for the guided walk.

  • Webpage:
    Check Jawa
  • Address:
    Take a bumboat from Changi Jetty (now called Changi Point Ferry Terminal), which is near the Changi Village Hawker Centre
  • Map Of Walks:
    Walking Tracks In Pulau Ubin Here
  • Approximately Walking Time:
    Between 2 hours and 1 day

Where Is Your Favorite Nature Walk In Singapore?

Please share with us where your favorite place for nice nature walks is in Singapore? Maybe the East Coast park or the Botanical Gardens?
Write down where you get your portion of nature in Singapore in the comments below please!




Recently did two walks over the last two weekends – MacRitchie Reservoir including the HSBC Tree Top Walk and another is the Southern Ridges Walk. Of the two, I enjoyed the Southern Ridges Walk as I found it alot more relaxing (though last challenging). Just have to bear with the crowd at certain stretch of the walk. But overall, pleasant walk that can be enjoyed even if your fitness level ain’t that great like mine :o) Cheers!


Do check out places like the Lower Pierce and if you like Intertidal walk, check out places like St John or Kusu Island.


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