Lazy? Singapore’s 5 Best Fast Food Delivery Services

McDelivery sounds like a magical word to everyone back in Europe, those lazy nights in front of the TV with your buddies when someone started to wish for Fast Food delivery service, well, in Singapore its not just wishing, take your phone and order a double Cheeseburger to your doorstep.

1. McDonals Delivery

Singapore McDonalds DeliveryJust order your double Cheesburger, Big Mac or McBreakfast comfortable via phone or internet, pay via Credit Card and have a hot meal delivered right to your lazy couch.
Delivery times can vary a lot, especially during “rush hour” or rainy days when people preferable eat home. Waiting times up to 45minutes can be normal.

  • Information:
  • Minimum Order: –
  • Delivery Surcharge: 3 S$
  • Order Here: +65 6777 3777 / (24 hours)

2. KFC Delivery

Singapore KFC DeliveryAnd here is the next major player in Singapore’s Delivery competition. KFC actually hops over to bring you their freshly fried chicken and other yummy stuff.
KFC is even more popular in Asia then McDonalds or Burger King, chicken it is, so no wonder they offer delivery as well!

  • Information:
  • Minimum Order: 12 S$
  • Delivery Surcharge: 2 S$
  • Order Here: +65 6222 6111 / (11am – 11pm)

3. Pizza Hut Delivery

Singapore Pizza Hut DeliveryPizza Hut Deliiiveryyy, who hasnt heard the jingle yet? What is probably one of the few delivery services in Europe, Pizza and aweful Chinese Food, is just picking up with more and more Pizza places to offer delivery in Singapore.

  • Information:
  • Minimum Order: 12 S$
  • Delivery Surcharge: 2 S$
  • Order Here: +65 6235 3535 / (11am – 11pm)

4. Sakae Sushi Delivery

Singapore Sakae Sushi DeliveryAnd for the more or less healthy person, yes, you can even order Sushi to be delivered to your doorstep. Sakae Sushi one of the biggest Sushi franchises in Singapore offers home delivery now as well. The only drawback is the quite high 30 S$ minimum order.

  • Information:
  • Minimum Order: 30 S$
  • Delivery Surcharge: 4 S$
  • Order Here: +65 6388 8383 / (12noon – 10pm)

5. Old Chang Kee Delivery

Singapore Old Chang Kee DeliveryAnd probably the “most original” Fast Food chain in Singapore, Old Chang Kee, offers delivery service now as well. If you want your curry puff or crab meat stick to be brought right to you instead of cueing at the (uaually) crowded stalls, order Old Chang Kee delivery.

  • Information:
  • Minimum Order: 12 S$
  • Delivery Surcharge: 2 S$
  • Order Here: +65 6555 0055/ (9am – 7.45pm)

Now get your a** up and go for a run in the park!




My friends in Australia were very jealous when i told them McDonald’s does home delivery in Singapore.


My favourite is Sakae (but most ex), followed by Pizza Hut! Not a fan of Old Chang Kee, fried food is totally OUT!


I think Sarpinos pizza should be added to this list..replacing pizze hut! its cheaper and its delicous! ever since i started eating from sarpinos, i never ate pizzahut again…


You might want to include Pastamania, Canadian Pizza and Arnold’s Fried Chicken too ^^

jorish maccain

Thank YOu for posting this helpful Information about “Lazy? Singapore’s 5 Best Fast Food Delivery Services”. I like it. just keep on posting. :)


Old chang kee? Seriously… I tried to order from them like 5-10 times and no one answers the phone.

When i hear the automated voice on the phone, i feel like killing myself :P


Think you should add Domino’s Pizza 62226333. Fast and good. Delivers within 30 min or you get a pizza free.


Komalas Delivery review

They are on my top 5 worst list now. Bad customer service. Uncultured people and riders. Promises 1.5hr delivery and the food comes after 3 hours.

Eventhough the food is good, i am never going to order from them


Definitely include Pastamania. It’s a lot cheaper than Pizza Hut and the food is far better than Canadian Pizza, in my opinion at least – probably not as bad for your health as McD’s or KFC either. Delivery times have always been quite good from my experience.

Sakae is the best and healthiest option but yes, most expensive.

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