The 5 Best Places To Buy Halloween Costumes In Singapore

When my friends asked me yesterday what my Halloween costume for this years Singapore 31. October would be, I told them “Ang Moh”. Well, the joke didn’t really work but for everyone new to Singapore or Halloween, here is the perfect list to find your Halloween costume in Singapore!

1. Grocery Stores

Since Halloween means “making money” you can find Halloween costumes almost everywhere. Try ColdStorage, Fairprice and their likes for standard Halloween costumes and the common fake teeth or eye-patches.

Prices will rank from 20 S$ onwards and the likelihood that you will meet at least 5 other people with the same costume is very high.

2. Party / Accessory Shops

There are several really good equipped shops in Singapore that will provide you with almost everything you need to find something more outstanding. Almost all of these places will offer personalized customization of masks, wigs or whatever you need.

I personally have made good experiences with the several shops you can find in Far East Plaza on the 3rd and 4th floor (in my opinion the best and cheapest option), Party City at Raffles City and the The Magic Wand Outlets.

3. Specialized Costume Shops

And to my great surprise during my first Halloween I realized that there are actually really good (and big) costume rental/shops as well, solely selling fantastic (and expensive) costumes. They will make you whatever your heart desires and have a huge range of available outfits and accessory as well. But price wise probably the costliest option.

Here is an overview about the most popular Costume Shops around Little India area.

4. The Internet, Ebay, Craigslist

As usual the Internet offers everything you need. Check out the local versions of Ebay or Craigslist or order from Amazon if you still cant find what you are looking for.

5. Get Creative, And Make Your own Costume

With so many different cultures in Singapore you have plenty of shops selling different fabrics, accessory and little stuff you might put together for something completely unique and self made.

Go creative, go shopping and make your own Halloween costume.




I like reading your stuff, but wouldn’t this have been better to be posted before the weekend?

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