The 5 Best Places For Inline Skating In Singapore (With Maps)

Keep Rolling Rolling Rolling… I recently moved to a new place, located at City Hall. Coming from the East, where I had a 5 minute “skate” to the ocean, I’m now literally “stuck” in the city. “What ever”, I though last night, put on my skates and tried rolling through downtown Singapore to get to the beginning of East Coast Park, just behind the Singapore Flyer. A disaster.

1. East Coast Park

Oldie but Goldie, The East Coast Park (ECP) can claim the title for best inline skating place in Singapore on the spot. Many Kilometers of very good surface, skate renting places all over and besides that, whats better then skating along the ocean, feels almost like Miami.

Some Good Tips:

  • • Go early or late to avoid crowds, and I’m really talking about crowds, especially on Saturday or Sunday afternoons
  • • Be prepared for any unexpected movements of the other Skaters at all times, they do not follow the “logical way of skating”, literally
  • • Although very clearly indicated by the bright yellow arrows, people seem not to follow the directional advise of on which side to skate in which direction

Detailed Information:

  • Map: See A Map Of The Place HERE
  • Access: Best via car/cab (Tell Cabby to “East Coast Park McDonalds”)
  • Pros: Long stretches of perfect surface, skating along the ocean
  • Cons: Crowded with people that have no sense for skating but still skate

2. Millennium Rink (Tampines Central)

The Millennium Rink situated at Tampines Central is the only full sized skating rink in Singapore. That alone is a reason to visit the place. The perfect surface make you fly over the place. Furthermore there are several interesting events and happenings every week.

Weekly Events At Millennium Rink:

  • • Friday Nights from 7pm to 9pm – “Friday Night Skating”, a social gathering for everyone to skate and meet (More Info HERE)
  • • Saturdays from 5pm to 6.30pm – Singapore Inline Hockey Training, just go there to watch or participate in a game of Inline Hockey (More Info HERE)

Detailed Information:

  • Map: See A Map Of The Place HERE
  • Access: Tempines MRT Station
  • Pros: Singapores Only Skating Rink, great Surface, Nice To Meet people
  • Cons: Skating in circles only, small, cannot compete with ECP

3. Saturday Night Skating

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‘)); ?> Something different but definitely worth a try. Singapore’s first and most established monthly mass skate happens on the last Saturday of every month (on some special occasions it may happen earlier in the month). Join scores of urban skaters every month as Skate Assist Volunteers (SAV) bring you through exciting first-time-ever or tried-and-tested skate routes across the island.

Detailed Information:

  • Info: Read more HERE
  • Access: Depending On the Current Skate Spot
  • Tip:Make sure you read the safety instructions first
  • Pros: Singapore’s biggest skate event, great skating routes through the city (roads will get closed), motivating
  • Cons: Can be very challenging for beginners, skating in a big group with inexperienced skaters brings the risk of accidents

4. Official Skateparks In Singapore

Singapore is still in the very beginnings of building up a “extreme sports culture”. There are the basics and almost every sport is somehow available (except Skydiving which I personally regret a lot), but “Aggressive Inline Skating” is still something exotic here. Noticeable already due to the fact of how difficult it is to get aggressive inline skates in Singapore.

However there are three major Skateparks available (in construction) at the moment:

  • Somerset Skatepark – Access via Somerset MRT
    (A Map Can Be Seen HERE)
  • Bishan Harmony Skatepark – Access via Bishan MRT
    (A Map Can Be Seen HERE – More Information HERE)
  • East Coast Park Skatepark – Access via Cab / car To ECP
    (A Map Can Be Seen HERE – More Information HERE)

5. Speed Skating At F1 Circuit

I recently went for skating through downtown Singapore, finally ended up around the Singapore flyer and then decided I could also take the few more meters to go to the F1 pit lanes. I didnt knew they are actually open for the public and not only the pit lanes, but a whole stretch of F1 track that goes there (approx 500 Meter long).

Detailed Information:

  • Info: See a map HERE
  • Access: Via Cab to Singapore Flyer / MRT to Raffles Place (new Circle Line Station Promenade)
  • Pros: Well, its a part of a F1 circuit, its wide, its great surface, its straight, perfect for races, timing, speed skating etc
  • Cons: Not a place to go for “Fun” skating, its “just” a long, straight, wide street

Where Is Your Favorite Skate Spot In Singapore?

Share your experiences with us and let us know where your place to go for a round of Inline Skating is!


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