The 5 Best Places for a Picnic in Singapore

Singapore is probably one of the few South East Asian cities with so much undeveloped green space and well maintained parks.
There are some places in Singapore that practically scream out “Have a picnic here” and I will tell you now where you find these nice places for picnics in Singapore.

1. Botanical Garden Singapore

Its the most famous and in my opinion best place to have a very nice and relaxed Weekend picnic in Singapore. Very easy to reach in the city center and with wonderful green spaces, you will see many people and families on the weekend coming for picnics in the Botanical Garden.
The many free concerts will just add up another reason for the relaxing time here.

2. Marina Barrage

Probably the newest place in this list, the Marina Barrage was just opened but already draws quite a lot of people to have picnic on their huge grass-rooftop.
The relatively fresh sea breeze and a wonderful view of the city skyline, especially for sunset will make your picnic here a very nice event.
Bring your kite as you will see many people using the wind here for some flying fun.

3. East Coast Park

The grandfather of picnic parks in Singapore is the East Coast Park. Having the longest beach promenade in Singapore with relatively good environment, many BBQ areas and other possibilities for activities, its the ECP that will see the largest number of people gathering for a picnic on weekends.
It might even be a little bit too crowded for some.
However sitting on one of the many benches and having a nice Picnic before strolling home along the beach is a nice thing to do anytime.

4. MacRitchie Reservoir

The largest nature park in Singapore. MacRitchie offers fantastic (long) hiking possibilities and some unique adventures, like the “Tree Top Walk”, but it also has more green space then you will be ever able to fill with picnicking people.
Where you have nice surroundings but many peoples that will share it with you in other places, at the MacRitchie Reservoir you can find many splendid spots where you can have your romantic picnic just by yourself.

5. Labrador Nature Reserve

My latest discovery in the long list of nice nature parks in Singapore is the Labrador park, just opposite the huge harbor and kind of unexpected located.
Historically very interesting through many landmarks and places that tell stories of the former Singapore, you can also find many nice spots along the long ocean promenade, with playgrounds and shaded huts for your nice weekend picnic.


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Ang Mo,

What a great list! The perfect solution for “what can we do in this island this weekend?” …

I think i will go fly kite at the Baraage this weekend… Btw, can we picnic there also? Allowed to eat or not, or later kena fine if i open the bottle of wine and lay out the cheese and crackers…?

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