The 5 Best Places To Rent A Tuxedo / Dinner Dress In Singapore

Recently a friend called me from Hong Kong asking if I would know a good place to rent Tuxedos for a Black-Tie dinner that another friend would have to attend in Singapore. Honestly I didn’t, but I came up with some ideas and the friend had a fantastic evening.

1. Tailors / Rental Shops

Since high profile evening events and “D&Ds” are fairly popular in Singapore (I actually heard the term D&D for the first time in Singapore and confused it with some old-school computer game) there is a flourishing business build around renting and tailoring the appropriate evening dress and dresses.

Like everywhere in South East Asia Tailors can be found literally almost on every corner and most of them have created a side business to rent out evening attire to those who don’t want to buy a Tuxedo just to wear it once.

A list of tailors renting out Tuxedos can be found here (link)


  • Fashion Tailor
  • Location: 150,Orchard Road #02-01, Orchard Plaza
  • How To Get There: Orchard MRT
  • Contact: (65) 6734 7206 /
  • Webpage:
  • Irene’s Creation
  • Location: 30 Victoria Street #01-07
  • Opening Hours: Mo-Su: 11AM – 8PM
  • How To Get There: City Hall MRT
  • Contact: (65) 6333 0968 /
  • Webpage:

2. Bridal Shops

Just like tailors there is a flourishing business with renting out bridal dresses and tuxedos. Advertising is all over Singapore and if you don’t watch out, you will rent out some nice dresses without even knowing it :)

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‘)); ?> Given this fact another good option would be to check out the Bridal shops for your desired Tuxedo or evening dress.Eeven though its not a wedding you are attending they might just have the right thing for you. Dress is dress and Tuxedo is tuxedo. Who cares, in the end, its all about how you look, right? :)

Click Here (Link) for a great summary of most bridal shops in Singapore!

3. Costume Shops

Since Halloween, Christmas D&Ds, Eastern and about any other opportunity to dress up like whatever it is you desire to look like has big fans in Singapore, costume shops are becoming more and more frequent on Singapore’s streets.

Take this option to find your Tuxedo if you don’t mind to take it to a comical level. The costs will probably be lower then in Option 1 and 2, but I doubt the fitting will be nearly as perfect.

Click Here (link) for a list the Best Costume Rental Places In Singapore!

4. Internet

Of course, the Internet. Even on the island of Singapore you will get almost anything you want… via the Internet. So speaking of a Tuxedo or dress should be one of the easier things to come along with the web.

Maybe start by simply googleing “Tuxedo Rental Singapore”, or take this post (Click) as a entry for the best places in Singapore to search for good offers online!

5. Tailor made Overseas

Many of my friends actually fly over to Bangkok, HongKong or simply Johor Baru to get tailor made suits, tuxedos, Speedos, whatever.
In the end, the money they save by getting the cheap suit, still covers the cost of the travel expenses. The quality is perfect if you know where to go to (avoid those typical tourist trap tailors, if a tailor is good, he hasn’t to look out for clients, they will know him and come automatically)

So getting a tailor made Tuxedo would be another option, one you might really consider since you wont have to return it after the weekend and will have a perfectly fitting piece your whole life.

You Can Contact me For Some (tested) Contacts Of Really Good And Reliable Tailors




Why to rent when you can get so good value suits at less price from Bangkok just by getting on airasia. I paid 10,000 Bht for 2 suits 3 shirts at Excelsior in Bangkok and it was awesome surely in the same level like Armani or Boss. I never believe in renting suits so there is always that planning stage that needs to come up .


My husband and I had suits made 3 different places in Bangkok and I can quite honestly say that Savile Row Fashion were by far and away the best quality. We both work in the finanical industry in London and often have suits made so our expectations were quite high. Savile Row Fashion listened to exactly what we wanted and nothing was too much trouble to alter the suit in the way we wanted. There are MANY, MANY tailors in Bangkok and it really is difficult to know how to choose, however I would definately recommend Savile Row Fashion and when we go back to Bangkok would look to use them again. Many of the hotels are linked to tailors so they will look to push you towards certain shops so you should beware of this.


thanks to link above i used shaws tailors on balestier road and they were reasonably priced

105 for tie, jacket & trousers

nice friendly service


You can rent fantastic designer evening gowns, cocktail dresses, jewellery and evening bags from Dress Sense at Raffles City Shopping Centre.
Check them out at

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