5 Perfect Places To Watch The Singapore NDP Fireworks For Free

Every Saturday very much on time, around 8.30pm the national Day Parade Fireworks go off, rehearsing for the big day, on the 9th of August 2009.

You can already get a good glimpse now on what to expect this year, when you just happen to be somewhere around the Floating Platform during that time. But be warned, on the actual Singapore National Day, the crowds will be overwhelming.

The Map Including The Best Places

Below you can see a map of the area around the floating platform, with the best spots included, the detailed description follows further down.

Map showing the spots to watch fireworks in Singapore.
Legend: Red balloon = Fireworks launch spots, Cameras = Where to watch them
(by www.etour-singapore.com)

Best Locations and Spots in Detail

This years National Day Fireworks in Singapore, will be on Sunday, 9th August, around 8PM at the floating platform..

  • 1. Marina Boulevard Open Field
  • A fireworks photographer’s favorite. You get sweeping views across the water towards the Marina Bay hotels
  • Possible for a family picnic if you arrive early enough. I saw families with mats and portable chairs during the NDP Preview
  • 2. The Merlion Park
  • Go to the Merlion Park if you want to hear the loud booms and to feel the fireworks ‘falling on you’
  • Suitable to take children to, but crowded. You’ll need to get there early and occupy the kids meaningfully
  • 3. The Esplanade Bridge
  • A good place if you want the Merlion included in your fireworks photos
  • This spot is incredibly crowded during the New Year’s Eve Countdown fireworks
  • 4. The Esplanade Theater Waterfront Promenade
  • As described above. A very convenient spot overall
  • 5. Marina East
  • (water’s edge, next to Gardens by the Bay construction site) – Access is by Tanjong Rhu Road
  • I don’t recommend this spot for a family day out because the walk there involves skipping over a big drain, walking close to the water’s edge, etc. You might want to wait for Gardens @ Marina East to open before coming here

What’s Your Favorite Spot To Watch The Fireworks?

Have you found even better places, less crowded, more secluded, let us know!

Please share your finds with us in the comments below!




Not really “free” but when I was a kid, we used to go to my father’s office at KeyPoint (then Jalan Sultan Centre) to catch the fireworks…

His office was on the 26th floor and the fireworks when seen from there were truly spectacular…


One great place is roof of the new Marina Barrage. You get a fantastic panoramic view of the entire Marina Bay!

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