The 5 Best Xmas Dinner Offers in Singapore (Low Price – To Extremely Expensive)

Almost all restaurants and hotels jump on the Christmas Wagon each year to provide customized menus and Christmas Eve dinners, you will find special offers almost everywhere and the big hotels like Grand Hyatt’s Mezzanine, Shangri-La Hotel, Marriot Singapore, Saint Pierre or Orchard Hotel are just a small portion of the big Dinner possibilities.

1. Broth – Camel Anyone? (Low Price)

Fancy something special this Christmas? Broth has been around for some time now and surprises this Winter” with an interesting menu, including Camel meat. I tried camel once in Australia and it was.. surprisingly good, although the crocodile was better I would take this chance and try it!

2. Goodwood Park Hotel – Mmh (Low – Mid)

I had the pleasure of staying at the Goodwood Park hotel for 2 month when I moved to Singapore, I never wanted to leave that place again. In the center of Singapore the old beautiful hotel has 4 restaurants that all offer Christmas menus, the cheapest 4-course dinner gets served at L’Espresso.

Here is the link to their Christmas Menu

3. Swissotel – A Festive Affair (Mid Range)

Some might be surprised about the “Mid Range” selection of the Swissotel, but since their French cuisine restaurant Jaan Par Andre serves this years Christmas meal for less then 60$, but be careful, its actual closed on Christmas Day itself, so take the chance on go there quick.

4. Screening Room – Christmas Affair (High Range)

I was happy to see that one of my favorite hangout locations in Singapore, Screening Room in China Town, offers an interesting Christmas Menu this year, 4 courses come along with, of course, a nice Christmas movie to enjoy in their “Screening Room”.

5. Fairmont – BlingBling (Very Expensive)

To use Miss Singapore’s words, “Boomz!!”, the Fairmont hotel is the ultimate gourmets dream this Christmas. With a flattering price tag of 1000$ ++ you get the best and most outstanding Christmas Dinner items.

Check out the menu here (click)


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