5 Unknown Tactics To Crash Singapore’s Fantastic VIP Events

Free food and free entertainment is a nice thing to have. Last weekend I attended a huge Diner and Dinner event, at an expensive hotel around Orchard, with wonderful food and an even more entertaining evening program. I wasn’t invited. It was a theme party and i wasn’t dressed accordingly, i had no ticket and even much more, i was the only Ang Moh sitting in the ballroom with 700 Asian people. And to bring this to an end, there were plenty of busy looking security guys, but i didn’t get kicked out either

To ease the waves of indignation i can see rolling towards me, a little illumination on the circumstances. Everything above stated is correct, but, i personally knew someone in the evenings’ showcase (where we actually got the tip from). Now i said “we”, because i had a “partner” who, one of my best friends, luckily is master of coolness and singlish at the same time, namely hes a great guy from Singapore, which gave us a huge advantage in the whole operation.

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth

Every week there are so many events, charity, product presentations, openings and so on, there will always be something for you and your taste, and before you need to “sneak” in, why not trying to just kindly ask, “If there is a possibility of attending the event”, dont leave it with this, just add (if its for a product) ,”That you already own two others of the line and you are interested in this new one as well”, and similar things for whatever other occasion of event you want to crash. Sometimes people are happy about guests and welcome you with open arms. Just ask.

If I, Angry Ang Moh, can infiltrate a Year End Party of higher standarts and function as the only caucasian face present, walking tall through the whole seated ballroom upon spotting two free seats, sit down at a round table of nine and enjoy my dinner while watching wonderful dance performances…then everybody can, right? Why not have a free dance and dinner instead of the usual movie on a Saturday night!? Heres how it goes (and it doesnt only apply to D&D, but literally every function, VIP party, closed event that sounds too interesting to not to attend):

0. Be Yourself / Show Confidence

It goes back till the beginnings of my “shake-ya-booty-in-tha-club” coureer when my best friend worked as a bouncer in one of the cities best clubs and gave me some small advices for my further way. If you show up at any place and you behave as you would if you really were invited/staying there (which includes body posture, a friendly nod to the receptionist, normal level of voice, no overreacting in any way,no looking around as if you were there for the first time, which you actually are, etc), then noone will suspect anything or get the idea you were at the wrong place. (By the way, if you are good and lucky, this even applies for your free upgrade from economy class on your next flight)

1. Fine feathers Make Fine Birds

Photo by Misserion
Suit with sunglassesWhen you step through the open doors of any highclass facility, you wont get any strange looks if you just look like being at the right place. Which means that Crocs, singlets, Tshirts white sneakers should be a no-go if you want to breach the 2009 Man-Of-The-Year awards (which actually…you maybe shouldnt anyway). Dont be overly dressed up, dont be underdressed, in any case the first always goes over the last. This weekend for example i actually showed up in Jeans, shirt, white sneakers and bright jacket, it obviously worked.

2. Find Your Target

Either you just walk around the city on a Saturday night looking for anything promising (where there are ALWAYS plenty of events if you crisscross between Orchard, City Hall and Scotts Road). If its the little sign on the entry of the Hotels Ballroom or the red carpet outisde the lates club, the bouncers with the ear pieces or the photo wall for guests to get their shooting before entering, its easy to spot and easy to approach. You wont find any crowds here gathering to see any VIPS, there are none :)
Scan the available Online Event Calenders or look through the most used Expat Forums for good tips.

3. Feel Home

If other people see you feel comfortable, enjoying your time, they wont get the idea something is wrong, if they see you nervously biting your nails at the end of the bar looking around like a bankrobber on escape, they will. It always comes back to rule number 0.

4. Look For Friends

The second you are in look if you see any familiar faces, and if its only the guy who gave you a cigarette on last months business training you attended, the moment people see you conversating with other people, people they might know and trust, you are most definately through and able to lean back, enjoying the evening.

5. Leave Your Namecard

Dont worry, noone will go through the usual namecard collection boxes in search for any unwelcomed guests, the opposite is the case, you most likely will get a place on one of the many many mailing lists that should guarantee you invitations and event news for free in the upcoming month. Always leave a namecard in these nice boxes, it will help you to build a network of invitations :)

6. Know When Its Time To Leave

And last but not least, never forget, you actually were never invited to any of these events (at least not before you use point 5 propperly). So dont be annoyed if a fine gentleman in suit approaches you, kindly asking you to leave. Just dont make a scene and be happy you had a couple of free drinks. And the next event will come your way anyway :)


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