The 5 most Delicious Dessert Places in Singapore

Don’t read any further if you are not into desserts after a nice dinner. Personally, I believe everyone should save some space in the tummy for a great dessert after having dinner. This is the time when you can enjoy some really sumptuous delicacies. Also, desserts, according to me, represent food as an art pieces rather than just a meal. Dessert lovers are not disappointed in Singapore. Some of the best desserts, both local and international, are served at various famous restaurants.

1. Soon Huat Cold and Hot Dessert

This is one of the oldest establishments and a famous dessert maker in Singapore. It was opened in 1972 and is known for its traditional Singapore styled dessert. It was originally located at Toa Payoh Lorong 6 but has now being shifted from there. The menu has both the hot and cold dessert items. The hot list consists of Tau Suan, Green Bean Soup, Cheng Teng, Lotus Seed, Red Bean Soup, Sweet Potato Soup and Ginko Nuts. The cold dessert menu has many choices but prime among them is Red Tea Jelly.

2. Mei Heong Yuen Desserts

If you want a quick dessert, then you should head to this place. It is located among the shop houses on the busy and bustling streets of Chinatown. It serves some delicious Chinese soup desserts and is always filled with customers. The menu includes almond cream, sesame paste soup and peanut paste, steamed Yam cakes, water chestnut cakes and delicious Chinese pastries.

3. Tom’s Palette

Every scoop of the homemade ice cream is an expression of flavour, freshness and texture. Similar in richness & density to Italian gelato, Tom’s Palette is also healthier as they cut half the sugar level and replaced part of the cream with milk. Eggs are used not only as a natural emulsifier in our ice cream but also as an agent to increase its richness. Natural ingredients are favoured and procured, which are then creatively crafted into the tastiest and healthiest ice cream possible.

4. Serenity Spanish Bar and Restaurant

This is where the game goes international. This is full-fledged place with adjacent bar and restaurant. As the name suggests, the menu is all Italian and desserts too. The specialty here is the Paella and tapas. The ingredients are always fresh and prepared instantly. This Spanish fare is also strategically located at vivocity.

5. Two AM Dessert Bar

The name aptly suggests the service. The place is open till midnight and you can grab a quick grab of your favorite dessert. The menu is mainly European. Some of the most well known international desserts can be had in this place. The best part is the ambiance of the place which is regal and modern at the same time.

I can understand the craving of a dessert after a meal. These are the most favored places in Singapore for a dessert. I am sure you can find the dessert that can feed your craving for the ultimate dessert. Just give these places a try and you’ll know why they have made it to our list.


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