5 Most Exciting (and already open!) Amusement Parks in Singapore

Yes we all know of the upcoming gigantic amusement parks at Resort World Sentosa, but are they open yet? No, and who wants to look at roller coasters if you can take a ride somewhere else.Singapore being one of the most entertaining cities on earth has numerous entertainment parks that are operating already, and each one offer its own specialty to make sure you are entertained to the fullest!

1. Snow City

If you come to Singapore just on a short stop over from snow flooded Europe or anywhere else with regular white coated roof tops, skip this. If you however live in Singapore or long for some cold breeze and white crystals on your skin, this might just be the right place. The smaller version of Dubais famous Snow World offers you a short ride on your Snowboard or Skis and a definite cold nose.

2. Singapore Zoo

You should reserve an entire day to visit the Zoological Gardens of Singapore. It plays host to almost two thousand animals of at least 240 species and many of them are brought from other countries. Singapore Zoological Gardens is a fine abode of abundant greenery and pleasant imitation of the natural habitats of these animals. It won many awards and is just as exciting as a thrilling ride in the (soon to be opened) Universal Studios!
The attractions are Children’s World, Primate Kingdom and Wild Africa, all of which are nothing short of a full blown amusement park.
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3. Downtown East

Downtown East is home to 2 of Singapore’s oldest (real) Amusement Parks. Both “Wild Wild Wet“, a water-fun park with pools and rides as well as the “Escape Theme Park” are home here.
Both parks are more something for a nice Family visit then the thrill seeking Amusement Park adventurer. The parks are open daily but avoid the weekend, as usual.

4. Jurong Bird Park

Although mention worth on the same note as the Singapore Zoo, with just as many awards and great entertainment to offer, the Jurong Bird Park is a complete different adventure.
The worlds largest Bird park has it all, for the Bird lover fantastic opportunities to see and study their life in the wild and for the casual visitor great chances to be as close to Flamingos, Hummingbird and other “flying objects” as never before!

5. Underwater World

Underwater World was established in 1991 and has since then attracted thousands of visitors each year. It is located on Sentosa Island in Singapore. You can witness a totally different world that exists within the oceans.
The exciting journey begins from the pristine sandy beaches and then gradually takes you to the shallow rock pools. You can also witness brightly colored corals and an fascinating marine flora. The highlight is the 83 meter long acrylic tunnel. Inside you can feel the sheer thrill of watching live sharks, sea horses, eagle rays, sea dragons and many other sea creatures.

What is your favorite place for amusement in Singapore? Let us know in the comments!


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How about Haw Par Villa?

God! I’m gonna miss the ride there where they take you in a boat and show you what happens to you after you die and go to hell. I heard it’s no longer there anymore? Haven’t gone in a while. Good (albeit creepy) stuff that was!

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