5 Big Future Projects In Singapore You Should Know About

Integrated Resorts, The Circle Line, Universal Studios…everybody knows about what the press tells us everyday, but there are more projects that are actually very worth looking at.
Here are the 5 main future developments I thought you should know about!

1. South Beach

Besides the current upgrades at East Coast Park Promenade that I recently discovered while going for my weekly run, there is more to come along the Beaches in the East/South.

Singapore South Beach The South Beach development is a planned commercial and residential complex to be located on Beach Road in the Downtown Core of Singapore. It will include offices, 2 hotels, more shops(always good in Singapore) and residences.
As part of the project 4 conservation buildings will be revamped, including the Beach Road Camp.

Scheduled For: 2012
More Information: South Beach Singapore

2. Singapore Cable Car

One of the most cheesy tourist attractions is the short and not really scenic Cable Car ride from Mount Faber to Sentosa Island.

Singapore Cable Car Just recently the operator announced a S$36 million upgrade which was supposed to start in September 2009. However the schedule is now set for December 2009, means the cable cars should stop operating soon.

The Upgrade will include metallic black cars with chrome trimming, 68 bigger cabins (currently 81 cabins), rising the cable by 20m to 110 m above sea level and music systems.

Scheduled For: 2011
More Information: Singapore Cable Car

3. Singapore Cruise Terminal

Soon after the major international Cruise operators started to complain that Singapore’s current Cruise ship terminal cant handle the newer and bigger ships, Singapore started to work on a new Cruise Terminal parallel to the huge Sentosa revamp.

Singapore Cruise Terminal The cruise centers location will shift to Marina South where the water is deeper which will enable it to accommodate the largest cruise ships being built now.

Another yet unknown development is a new MRT station, planned to be built by 2015 at the terminal as an extension of the North South Line.

Scheduled For: 2010
More Information: Singapore Cruise Terminal

4. Singapore Sports Hub

If Singapore wants to host “real” international big events, they surely need a new stadium, resp sports facilities. That’s what was decided quite some time ago, then the National Stadium was closed in 2007 and now a new Sports Hub is on its way.

Located in Kallang it will include …

  • • 55,000-capacity National Stadium with a retractable roof
  • • 6,000-capacity indoor Aquatic Centre that meets world tournament standards
  • • 3,000-capacity multi-purpose indoor arena which will be scalable and flexible in layout
  • • several other facilities

Scheduled For: 2014
More Information: Singapore Sports Hub

5. Changi Airport Terminal 4

The Singapore Ministry of Transport is currently working on a masterplan on Terminal 4. Aviation experts estimate the terminal will be built in the next 10 to 15 years, although the government has not released any further details on the project. (Source Wikipedia)

Scheduled For: Open
More Information: South Beach Singapore


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