5 Good Things Of Living In An HDB

About one month ago I moved out of my fancy East side Studio Apartment with whirlpool and Infinity Pool on the Rooftop, right into the Singaporean heart, an HDB flat on the 16th floor in Downtown Singapore. I miss the pool, I miss the Ocean but I have to say, I like it here anyway!

1. The Costs Of Living

Not that I got extremely hard hit by the recession but having lived alone for over 2 years I started to enjoy the thought of sharing a flat again, just for the fun of it. My other criteria were “close to the city” and “easy accessible”. So when I visited the HDB flat, I finally moved into, and it met all of them, plus it wasn’t like I’d imagined HDB flats at all, more like a nice Condo on the inside situated in an HDB block, there was no question for me of why not to move there.

The costs of living will drop significantly. I pay less then half of my previous rent plus all utility costs and Internet are included. Being only one stop away from my work place makes my EZ link card last more then double the time it did before on the other hand.

And you can safe money for waste collection, aircon maintenance etc.

2. Cultural Experience

Being an expat my own, I know that living in a private condo wont really help you in digging deeper into the local customs and understanding Singapore as the real Singapore.

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‘)); ?> However moving into an HDB flat is like moving to a new country after all. There’s no bubble of Rooftop Swimming Pools and Security Guards anymore wobbling around you, it’s the pure Singapore as you want it. Just spend your evenings sitting on the void decks benches or go down to have dinner at the Hawker Center, you will soon enough get into conversations.

After all, You are the alien here and people will be interested in why an Ang Moh would move into an HDB flat.

3. Food Right At Your Doorstep

I was lucky with my old place because it had the East Coast hawkers right on the other side of the street, but whats better then picking up a fresh fruit juice on your walk to work in the morning and Chicken Rice just downstairs at your own building for dinner? (The Top 5 Hawker Center In Singapore)

Its great to have a hawker center just a couple of floors down, and even if you go in Singlet and FlipFlops, there will be no fancy Expats looking like “what happened to you?” when getting your Mee Goreng.

Cats In HDB Building In SingaporePhoto by jeremyfoo

4. Cats Cat Cats

Contradictory to the Asian world cats are the Europeans best friend. I grew up with at least 2 cats around me since I was born and even though I developed an allergy against them when I was 15 (very unfortunate) I still love them.

Well, Singaporeans obviously don’t.

Be it the expats that shared my old condo with me or the locals anywhere else, it seems Singapore is somewhat of a “Dog-country”. So when I came home from work the first day living in my HDB and I almost felt over three cats peacefully sleeping on the stairs to the elevator… I was more then enlightened to see them. (Singapore,Please Ban Dogs And Allow Chewing Gum)

And I have the feeling people living in HDBs are more sympathetic towards cats then people living in Condos in general.

5. Exercise For Free

My old place had five floors, now I’m living on the 16th. That gives me not only a nice view over Singapore’s central district at day and many shiny lights at night, it also makes it possible to finally exercise properly for the annual Skyscraper run.(The Complete Guide To Singapore’s Gyms)

16 floors up and down is great work out for everyone. Ignoring the stares of uncles and aunties waiting for the elevator when I sprint by taking two stairs a time winding up the HDB floors. This is it!

What Do You Think About Living In An HDB?

What are the advantages of living in an HDB for you, whats the biggest plus and what wouldn’t you want to live without? Please Share with me your opinion on living in an HDB and post your thoughts in the comments below!




I miss so many things about my old condo. Boo hoo hoo hoo.

I guess the nice thing about the HDB is that it belongs to ME (sort of).. and I’m not making some landlord richer and richer each month anymore :)

The downside is that my neighbours are the most anti-social people in the world. Oh that and the guys upstairs who keep throwing half eaten biscuits at my laundry.

donna lipowitz

maybe you should invite them over for a cuppa : )
and offer them their biscuits : )
I’ve never lived in a condo; I’m Australian and thats all a bit foreign to me. I decided from the start to live in a HDB; granted we have a luxurious amt of space as we are in an older “point block” appt; (Ang Mo Kio)
my only whinge is the constant noise from the lift upgrading drilling every day
the “Honka Honka” guys (Rag men)” ..which i must say; compete quite well with the drilling : )
also my neighbours must cook a broth of rotten fish every day at around 3pm…
…but I’m getting used to it now….
My favourite bit? The rubbish shoot… isnt it fabulous!


After living in an apt complex in Chinatown for the last few weeks, we just moved into an HDB flat in Toa Payoh. The conveniences cannot be denied, what with the great kopitiam, access to an insane amount of buses, mrt stops and shopping opportunities. The building is admittedly old style, but the units were recently switched over to rental flats (The housing crisis delayed the demolition of this block, so they were quickly renovated and are renting them out for short term). The total immersion is there (squat toilets ftw!), hasted along by the long stares I receive from uncles as I shuffle along the street.


Great post!…

The most like about the HDBs is the convenience and cats!..I love cats and every time I go down I meet one of them !



I used to live in a Condo at Katong and I miss it dearly. Lots of diversity food near my place, the famous 5 star chicken rice stall & Sin Hai San is just outside the condo. All shopping centres are walking distance (Katong Mall, Parkway Parade, Katong Shopping Centre, etc)

I moved to Aljunied area couple years back and the only thing that is convenient for me is the MRT. Katong has limited buses and usually must take cab if out of the way. I stayed at 14 floor and the breeze is awesome! Save money on air-con! Where I live, I can see the fireworks during National Day!


If money isn’t a problem, I would prefer living in a condo. My HDB this time has a nice design, but my last flat was very badly designed. Keep up the good work mate!


If you want condo-style cleanliness and looks but HDB prices, go for the newer estates. Punggol and Sengkang may seem a little out of the way, but are only 20 mins from Dhoby Ghaut by train. The flats there have these big bay windows and look quite condo like. In terms of facilities, Sengkang West has this massive sports centre, which has a spanking new gym, pools with slides, jacuzzis and fountains, and badminton courts. On weekends, people even fly kites in droves at the fields nearby.

That being said, an estate is only as nice as the people who live in it. It just takes one incontinent jerk to pee in the lift.


wow, nanashee, nice list, I really didnt know that there actually exist HDBs of that kind! Only downturn is the location


I have a thing for cats. Definitely a good reason to be in a HDB flat. I would suggest in investing on sound-proofing your main bedroom or the entire apartment though.

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