Whats New At ZoukOut 2009? (4+1 Updates!)

Every Year the Zoukout organizers will make sure they present some new features to attract as many people as the year before.
We have reached 25.000 wild party folks that come to Singapore in average, “just” to dance one long night on the beach and listen to some of the worlds best DJs.

1. Increase of Stages! Back To 4!

After we had to see one stage going last year, thanks to the new WaveHouse Venue, we are back to four exploding venues for the night now.
The Wave House stage will offer party revelers a whole new festival ambiance and an additional range of exciting fringe activities, with the chance to try out their new wave pools on that night.

2. Focus On Visual And Light Shows

This years ZoukOut will have a focus on new visual and lighting technologies, all to add to the overall experience. People will be blinded by flickering lights and is that’s not enough…

…For the first time in Singapore, there will be a surprise showcase of customized laser show, featuring fireworks and the most powerful laser in the world.

3. The Line-Up / More Debut Artists

Click Here For The List Of All Artists For Zoukout 2009

As usual the worlds best House and Techno DJs will be rocking the crowd at Zoukout, this year we have Armin Van Buuren, Miss Kitten and Defected…just to name a few, but what’s a good move of the organizers, is to include more Debut Artists, and also give the local groups a chance!

4. More Unplugged Action

Singapore Zoukout Party I’m a big live-music fan myself, so I was pleasently surprised when I saw the announcement of more unplugged music, more live acts and the chance to relax from the ever pumping boomboom from the Techno and House stages.

We will hear some fine mellow tunes and more feel-good vibes with showcasing local live acts.

5. The Prices Have Increased

Alright, so the only negative point are the prices. Not just by a bit, but a whopping 10$ more then last year, which is about 15%.
If my payment would be increased in line with that, no problem… but 15% more expensive then 1 year ago, Hello??

  • • Cheapest Tickets are the “Happy Hour Tickets” for 48$, they are very limited in numbers, and you have to be at the venue before 9PM
  • • For normal tickets you will pay 58$, and if in possession of a DBS Visa Platinum Live Fresh Card (what a name), you can grab them for 49$, respectively if you have any other DBS/POSB Credit Card for 55$
  • • If you buy the ticket on the day of the event, you will pay 68$, again, if you have a DBS Visa Platinum Live Fresh Card pay 58$, and with any other DBS/POSB Credit Card 65$


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