5 Great Tips For The Best Singapore Night Safari Experience

There are some attractions in Singapore that are so touristy that everyone who actually lives here, has avoided them since ever.
But once in a while one of your friends or family members visits Singapore, and without recognizing it, one transforms into that exact tourist going through all the “typical” places over and over again..
The Singapore Night Safari is one of these!

1. Get There Cheap And Easy

There are many options on how to get to the Singapore Night Safari, with plenty of difference in comfort and of course price.

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‘)); ?> Take a cab and pay easily 25 S$, take the MRT+Bus and pay 3 S$ but bare with a travel time of up to 1.5 hours.

In my opinion the best solution is the dedicated “Night Safari Bus”. That bus stops on several points around Orchard road to pickup passengers and then drives directly over to the Night Safari (and back!), total travel time is approx 30mins and cost 4 S$. You can also purchase your Night Safari tickets on the bus (for the regular price) which saves you the queuing at the venue!

You can find the pickup times and points HERE (click)

2. Be Prepared – For Heat And Insects

People tend to forget that we are in the tropics and that visiting the Singapore Night Safari isn’t exactly the same as saying “Hello” to Micky Mouse in Disneyland Tokyo.

Furthermore, the Singapore Night Safari’s venue is situated in the middle of Singapore’s biggest left over of Natural Rain Forest, well then, say “hello” to the little bug(ger)s instead.

  • What To Bring For Singapore Night Safari
  • – You can bring food and water into the park, there are no restrictions, and you should do so.
  • – Don’t forget a small towel or loads of tissue papers, its extremely humid in the park, although its evening and cooling down already.
  • – Insect repellent, it wont help against the blood-sucking gigantic bats flying around the park (just joking) but at least it will keep away mosquitoes and your itchy fingers will say thank you.

3. Go Anticyclus – Against The Crowd

When the gates to the Singapore Night Safari open their doors at around 7.30pm, there will be a big crowd. Eagerly waiting to jump queue into the first tram ride leaving to the sleeping monster-guinea pigs.

There are 2 Options of how to explore the Night Safari, you can take the over crowded tram ride or you walk. My tip is, walk first, drive later. Most people will use their tram ride in the beginning, leaving the walking trails almost empty and for yourself. Later people will attend the shows, leaving the trams empty, which is your chance to hop on!

4. Best Tram Ride And Show Seats

If possible grab a seat on the middle wagon of the 3 tram-wagons. When it stops in front of animals, the middle one will always have the best position and views. Furthermore try to sit on the right side of the tram for the first half, and on the left side for the second half.

For the show, try to get there at around 20 mins before it starts, they usually really get crowded. The best seats are not in the first row, but somewhere around the 3rd or 4th row in the middle.
You will see 2 wooden planks in front of those seats right were you usually put your feet, there are snakes beneath that get pulled out during the show, and if you sit there, you get the best experience!

5. Really, Don’t Use Flash With Your Camera!

Besides the overwhelming presence of signs and warning NOT to use flash with your camera, camcorder, etc… there are still an incredible amount of people who ignore the request and seriously harm the animals by their stupid actions.

Now, the guards and people of the night safari take this issue quite seriously, which means that continues flashing from the trams for example, will result in aborting of the ride and embarrassing moments for the person that didn’t wanted to listen.

Just really, don’t use flash!

  • Singapore Night Safari Information
  • How To Get There: Detailed description HERE (click)
  • Opening Hours: 7.30pm to 12mn daily
  • Admission: Adult S$22.00 / Child (3 to 12 years old) S$11.00
  • Contact: +65 6269 3411
  • Webpage: www.nightsafari.com.sg


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Your tips are so helpful! My mom and I have made a wonderful tour at the Night Safari

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