5 Great Valentine Day Presents you can buy in Singapore

Revered to be one of the most famous locations for lovebirds, the world over, Singapore has many tricks up its sleeves. So, when it comes to shopping gifts for your loved one, the city guarantees to present with beautiful surprises. And since Singapore is a unique city with diverse flavors, the valentine day’s presents, too, are unique here.

1. Flowers – For the Beginner

This is the quintessential gift for every valentine. Nothing compares to the simplicity exuded by the flowers. This is the simplest way to say, “I Love You”. Singapore has many locations to buy flowers. Some of them are Chinatown and Orchard Road. You can buy every conceivable flower ranging from beautiful tulips to the ravishing red roses. And since this is valentines, I would suggest, you go for a big bouquet of red roses, complimented with a beautiful card.

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2. The next Step – Spa Treatment

Spar Treatment in SingaporePamper your partner with the best, Singapore has to offer. It offers beautiful gardens coupled with mud pools, exotic spas and steam baths. Both traditional and modern beauty practices are used here to sooth the senses. If you are in mood of topping it up, we suggest you book the Royal Suite and take pampering to the next level. Sentosa resort and spa can help you and your partner enjoy serenity. Now, isn’t that what you need on a valentine’s day.

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3. Getting Creative – Make a Scrapbook

Valentines Day is the perfect time to make your loved one something special, something uniques, something that defines you, and with “Scrapbooking” getting more and more popular in Singapore, now finally you can get all the needed material to create something special here as well. What was really difficult for a long time, paper, nice materials, is now available in numerous shops over the island. Just try Plaza Singapura for a couple of them!

4. Looking Good – Sarong

Its one of the most famous symbols of Singapores rise to a first world country, its success and brilliance, the outfit of the sexy Singapore Air Stewardesses, most comfortable, good looking and perfect to wear in the hot climate of Singapore. Get one for your partner, its a good fit, in every way :)

5. The shiny Finish – High Fidelity Gifts

If you are really into spending some big bucks, then orchard road is where you should head to. The place is abuzz with every known brand; and then some. Some famous malls are The Centre Point, The Hereen, Far East Plaza, Tangs, Plaza Singapura and Wisma Atria. These centers’ are filled up to the brim with high-end shops and stores offering a western shopping experience. The designer boutiques rival those of Paris and there are many revered jewellery stores to buy some serious gifts. The place is surely a hot-spot for shopping your valentine’s gifts.

These five examples are just a tip of the iceberg. Singapore offers many other alternatives for shopping on Valentine’s day. All you have to do is decide which gift will surprise your lover the most. Because at the end of the day, love is all that matters.


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