5 Hidden Places to Watch the Singapore Chinese New Year Fireworks

I have compiled a list of 5 hidden spots from where you can witness this gala event and still stay away from the maddening crowd.
The spots though are not entirely solo but have less number of tourists compared to other spots.

  • Information:
  • Date/Time Singapore’s CNY Fireworks 2010: 13th Feb 2010 / 11.59PM

1. Marina East (Future Gardens at Marina East)

This is by far the best spot to go solo. Though to reach there, you have to go through a treacherous terrain. This involves walking close to water’s edge and crossing narrow pathway along a big drain. But the spot is usually the least crowded with crowds numbering to a few ten’s. The view can only be described as marvelous. The spot will attract many people once the Gardens at Marina East open for the public. For now, take a cab to the close by areas and walk over.

2. Marina Barrage

This is the New on in the list of spots. Opened in 2009 it is hard to tell how many people will find their way here for the first time.
The New Year fireworks display can be seen very clearly. Breath-taking panoramic views of the Marina Bay are also on display. The harbor views of the hotels lined up along the river is also truly marvelous. The place kind of lightens up with the fireworks in the sky. Easy to reach as well.

3. The Esplanade Theater Waterfront Promenade

This though is decently crowded. But not so up to the level of Merlion Park or Esplanade Bridge. It’s a convenient spot to reach to and also offers un-tainted views of the fireworks. Though if you are traveling with a family, try to get early and book a good spot. Rest assured, you will be presented with a fine view of the New Year sky from each and every angle of this place.

4. Swissotel Stamford Suite View

The most famous hotel in Singapore offers some of the most beautiful views of the fireworks display right from the comforts of a room. However, this is the most pricey option and if not booked long in advance, chances are near zero you will still get a nice room.
There is also a balcony along the rooms which makes for a fantastic Harbor and Singapore river view. The icing on the cake is the amazing sound effects of the crackers from the balcony. Though, at a premium, this is right there at the top if you want to watch New Year celebrations.

5. Marina Boulevard Open Field

It’s an open space with green lush surroundings presenting an unobstructed view of the fireworks. An ideal spot for families, it is also a photographer’s delight. The sky is usually clear around Chinese New Year and provides a spectacular photography opportunity.

People usually bring along mats and chairs to just lay back and see the sky light up. Also, apart from the fireworks, people can also marvel at the sweeping views of the water along the scenic Marina Bay hotels. And that’s not all; famous Marina Bay Hotels present a beautiful skyline of the city which is best viewed from this location.

Celebrations mark the fervor of the festival with fireworks display being organized in major cities. Singapore simply takes it to next level with the elaborate fireworks display at the stroke of the midnight. If you happen to be in Singapore during the Chinese New Year in 2010, be sure to catch a glimpse of this world-class fireworks display.


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