The 5 Hippest Places In Singapore

Every time I arrive in a new city, place, island, church, whatever… I wonder were to find the “real” good places. You know, they throw tons of tourist information papers at you at the tourist information counters, but as the word implies, its “tourist” information and not what I am really looking for.

1. Newly Hip: One Fullerton

Although just opposite my office tower I never got the concept of opening clubs / bars just next to the business district. Sometimes I left my desk and while I took my cab home, the considerable “hip” crowd started to arrive for drinks at the sunset over Marina Bay and the huge “Integrated Resort” construction site.

Then I went to the new Butter Factory one evening and in fact its quite a convenient place to go now. Very central, very scenic. The crowd is young chic and the two places of interest are the HipHop RnB club “Butter Factory” and the “Over Easy Bar

2. Classic Hip: Dempsey Road

Dempsey Road is a long established high quality Bar and Restaurant place in Singapore. A little bit off and not really accessible via train, this place is tucked away in a Rain Forest like environment and comes alive when the sun went down. Not the place to go for a party night out, but best for relaxed drinks in posh bars and very good (and expensive) food. The place seems to attract concept bars and is always good for s new evening experience.

3. Laid Back Hip: Arab Quarter (Blue Jazz Bar)

A colorful, lively and welcoming atmosphere greets you upon reaching the Arab Quarter in Singapore. You wont find the Hip-Chic crowd from One Fullerton here, but another type of Hip-relaxed people, the type that doesnt downs his beer in some Irish Pub or dance Club, but lays back with a Shisha next to him and listens to the great Life Jazz Music in the areas best Jazz bar or the Street Musicians.

4. Outdoor Hip: Concerts In Fort Canning Park

Attending a performance, be it theater, opera or dance at the Fort Canning Park in Singapore is probably as close as you can get to a “Festival” in Singapore. The big park in the middle of the city offers great stages for warm summer nights (which is always) under the sky and with great music in front of you. Several big local Festivals like the “Singapore Music Festival” or the “World Music Festival” usually choose it as one of their locations, and easy to reach you can simply sit down on the grass and enjoy. (The 5 Best Places For Live Music In Singapore)

5. Underground Hip: Mugic @ Night And Day Bar

Every city has their, although well known, underground party locations where usually the best events happen far away from the mainstream clubs and bars. The Night and Day bar is silently hidden on the second floor of the shop houses along Selegie Road and usually once a month location for the “Mugic Party”.

“mugic is about friends getting together and having a good time.
No dress code, no cover charge…. just come with an open mind.
Open music policy. Anything dance floor oriented.
Think house party. Do invite your friends – the more the merrier.”

Contact me for the details and the next scheduled Mugic Party.

So Where Is Your Hippest Place In Singapore?

Share with us your experience and what you think is the hippest place in town? Where are the best parties, the finest hidden places and chic meeting rooms, post your “Hippest Place” in the comments below please and lets see where we end up!



Ann Thomas

Gosh! The White Rabbit looks absolutely lovely, though I’d feel very much like a sinner sipping alco in such a church-y setting.


Yes, they have a new concept party in Night And Day bar this friday, its called Sonic Booom, its gonna be great!

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