The 5 Best things to do on a lazy Sunday in Singapore

Here come the lazy hazy crazy days of summer, and it is a given that you are going to be looking for the best options for whiling away a lazy Sunday afternoon. These options are only to be taken if you were not kept busy sipping Tiger Beer with the girl named Julie, of a Saturday evening, having the gidft of a nice Hangover this morning.

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1. Start your Sunday with a lazy Kopi

So, let us all face it. Not all of us are bloated Rothschilds, and I, with my pockets showing a perpetual “To Let” sign am definitely not adverse to exploring really find ways of enjoying myself, without straining that slender bank balance. So this Sunday, the moment I haul myself out of bed about 11 o clock (earliest), open one eye, tenderly, looking for signs of incipient hangovers, and breathe a sigh of relief, because there are conspicuous by their absence.

So after I have managed to creep into my jeans and sneakers, I am going to hie myself to the next Kopi Shop, local food is bloody cheap and there is nothing better then starting your lazy Sunday with a hot (or iced) sweet Kopi while reading the newspaper. (I published some great tips on Singapore Kopi here: Singapore’s Coffee Culture Explained)

2. Go for a nice walk in Singapore’s many Parks

Take a stroll in the park, yes seriously, Singapore has lovely patches of greenery (The 5 most beautiful Nature Walks in Singapore) and it can be highly refreshing to pack a backpack with some books and water bottles, put on your runners and go for a nice walk while just sitting down in the middle of the jungle or park and indulge in some relaxing reading or dreaming, it doesn’t always have to be the noisy and cold mall or cinema.

3. Get a nice feel good lunch after your Workout

Travelling on the subway is really fine for anyone who intends exploring Singapore, and when I am not cooling off in the air-conditioned Malls underground, window shopping ( leave your wallet at home for this one, guys and girls), I can always jump on the subway!

Last Sunday, I tried out little India, where I had authentic spicy delicious food for 5 S$. Definitely not for those people with delicate constitutions, but for those case hardened chappies who do not mind dunking their fingers in a platter, this is the best eating option. Adventures in gastronomy, I say, wot? You might also want to try the laksa and the authentic Hainan chicken rice, available in food centres,mmmm,good (The 7 Best Singaporean Dishes you must try).

4. Explore Singapore’s “typical” Tourist places, or have a Picnic at Botanical Gardens

There are some really amazing Chinese temples here, so go prowling around, gawking at the sights, while chewing dim sum. By the way, if you want to spend some money and eat at the best restaurants in Singapore, try to get in during the lunch hour, when you are going to get a discount of 20%. But of course, you are going to be paying for the ambience and the decor and the absence of flies in your soup. (The 5 Best places for a Picnic in Singapore)

You might want to join in the t’ai chi sessions, with the rest of your friends,hooo haaa deep breath.

And if you are tired of the two legged wildlife, you might want to renew their acquaintance with the four-legged variety, especially at night, when the night Safari and the zoo safari can be combined together.

5. Boardgames or a nice red Wine with friends

You might want to do a little bit of walking on the board walk at Changi point, at dusk. I have this modus operandi, which I am going to tell you peripathetic angmos. I go walking down the streets of Singapore, and the moment I need to cool down, I walk into a shopping centre, or a bank, trying desperately hard to look like an eccentric millionaire. Forget Sentosa on a Sunday afternoon, it is too crowded!

To finish your lazy Sunday you can either just go back and spend the rest of your afternoon or evenening on your sofa watching Taiwanese dramas, or visit one of the (increasing in numbers) Boardgame cafes and sit down for a round of funny games instead of the anti-socialising “movie watching”.




The 5 things given in this topic are really best to do on a lazy Sunday in Singapore. Thanks for sharing.


Boardgame cafes sound great.
Any links or locations of some to visit?

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