The 5 Most Interesting Museums In Singapore

After 3 years in Singapore you will have partied on all the crazy parties to find and eat whats there to eat. But many wont have touched the cultural scene as deep as they could have and should!
There is a vivid and lively modern art and pop culture movement that produces great exhibitions on a surprisingly high level.

1. Singapore Art Museum

The Singapore Art Museum is fantastic for its ever changing exhibition and got even better once the new SAM-8Q building was opened. It adds more space to the museum in form of several small rooms which are all used for temporary exhibitions and installments.

In the Art Museum itself you will find events and parties held regularly in the courtyard, plus there are some nice eateries just outside. As a bonus there is a regular flea market in front of the SAM-8Q building (more info here)

2. Asian Civilization Museum

Situated along the Singapore river and just opposite the famous Fullerton hotel the Asian Civilization Museum invites for nice relaxed walks outside first and an arty experience in the cool building right afterwards.
The museum presents a broad yet integrated perspective of pan-Asian cultures and civilisations and has steadily changing interesting exhibitions.

3. Mint Toy Museum

The Mint Toy Museum is hidden away in the city center just next to the Raffles Hotel. Once you found your way you will feel the child in you rising up again (that under the condition you are not a child still).
The Mint Museum of Toys has something for everyone. Housed in a contemporary five-storey building, it boasts a rich mix of nostalgia, education and inspiration. And right on the rooftop there is a great nice bar serving refreshing drinks. (Read: The 6 Best Rooftop Bars In Singapore)

4. National Museum Of Singapore

The National Museum Of Singapore is the flagship of Singapore’s prestigious museums. It was renovated and updated for millions to a state-of-the-art modern museum, keeping the original touch of its old character and boosting one great exhibition after another.
The illuminated building at night is a nice sight alone and again a great restaurant is not far once you have enough of the art.

5. Science Center Singapore

Go and visit the Science Center Singapore on a rainy day, you will have so much to do inside you wont have to worry about the weather outside.
There are more than 850 exhibits in the Science Center and reaching from the most recent controversial “Body Worlds” (which I am a big fan of) to simple show cases of water refurbishing cycles, you can find everything interesting at the Science Center. Bring your kids!


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very good info – thank you. i am a singaporean who havent lived here for many years so find your blog pretty informative. i donno how u can stand living here haha…i much prefer vienna or berlin :))

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