5 Most Overrated Attractions In Singapore

“Do not listen to your Travel Guide!”, I shouted to the couple in front of me, in a last desperate attempt to stop them from climbing into the back of the “Boombox Bicycle”.. I failed and never saw them again, but the devilish laughter of the uncle in the front will never really diminish out of my guilty conscience.

1. Singapore Sling – Famous Drink

“Ehhhk, tastes like sugar water with strawberry syrup…” Well yeah, my friend pretty much made the point. One of Singapore’s most iconic attractions, the world famous Singapore Sling isn’t really as good as one might assume.
Especially if served at the even more “iconic” Raffles Hotel (where it is said to have been originated) you can expect a more or less “pre-made” mixture of ingredients that do reassemble the original mixture as much as the Prata tastes like Pancake.

My Tip:
• Go and visit one of Singapore’s great Rooftop bars and have a locally brewed Tiger Beer or for the non-alcoholics, take a refreshing Barli with ice!

2. Merlion – Singapore’s Icon

Raww! Boom… And then there was lightning and the Merlion not anymore. Not long ago Singapore’s emblem, the Merlion was struck by lightning and partly retired. What are the chances? Hence, I think it was a sign.
Who can actually still find joy in watching a concrete mixture of Fish and Lion spit water in the smelly Marina Bay while ten construction sites around you pollute the air with dust.

My Tip:
• Go and see real animals in Singapore’s outstanding Zoo instead! (Singapore Zoo Information)

3. Sentosa – Island

Once the island was called “Pulau Blakang Mati” which practically means “Death From Behind“.
Then the Singapore Tourism Board stepped in and quickly gave it today’s much more charming name.

Well, maybe the original name wasn’t so far fetched. Don’t expect too much from a completely artificial island, with dirty water and Disneyland character instead of laid back chillout zone.
The island is overcrowded with construction sides and on weekends overcrowded with people..

My Tip:
• Catch a 2$ ride to Puala Ubin instead, rent a bicycle over there, and have a great day in the “real” nature! (The 5 Most Beautiful Nature Walks In Singapore)

4. China Town – History

Massage? Beer? Tiger? Food One For One? Camera? Souvenir? Yes, China Town might be appealing for people who’s first step ever into the Asian continent is Singapore and they want to see the “real” side.

Well, its not anyway, much more like another place to concentrate the mass of tourists into the smallest space possible and then press the money out of them until they are dry.

People..this is not China! Please only go to China Town for the couple of good bars located around Club Street.

My Tip:
• Visit the Singapore National or Art Museum instead and get an idea of what Singapore is about and then visit China Town when you are … in China. (10 Really Unique Things To Do In Singapore)

5. Sim Lim – Cheap Electronics

My first quite simple advice would be, “Do not visit Sim Lim”..

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‘)); ?> Then, since I know you will probably ignore number one, the second advice is “Know what you want and its rough price, be aware that most shops WILL try to scam you and that products can easily be fake, second hand or not working at all, don’t pay with Credit Card, don’t get lured into buying anything but your initial intention, don’t trust what the unprofessional shop sellers tell you, ask for net prices including taxes etc…and actually… Do Not Visit Sim Lim“… enough said.

My Tip:
• If you really want to go on a shopping spree for electronics visit Funan just nearby. Prices might be slightly higher, but shops are much more transparent and service much higher. (The Top 7 Items To Buy In Singapore)




I think your friend was being over generous about the singapore sling. I thought it tasted like cough syrup. And at $27 for a singapore sling at raffles, cough syrup probably would have been cheaper.

I think Sentosa should be top of the list for overrated Singapore attractions.


Haha, thanks for that, and shall i tell you something.. in all the years I am here, I actually never had a Singapore Sling :)

shino tsuchi

this blog is a godsend! I’ll share this with my friends and folks who are planning on visiting us in the future. that Raffles hotel sling was a freakin rip-off! thanks angray angmo!


Actually Sim Lim Square is okay as long as you stay away from the first couple of floors (obvious reasons). You can also check out Hardware Clinic (http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/forumdisplay.php?f=2) for advice on which shops to visit.

Personally I’ll recommend PC Themes on the 4th floor, the salesmen are really friendly and the prices are one of the lowest at SLS. That’s the only shop I’ll buy from.


Yep, Slings are poor. And it even worse when you turn up on a day when they have them pre-made in a 10 ltr fruit juice machine….oh and standing at the bar looking at bar staff doing nothing until you say “excuse me can I order” and they act like they didnt know what you were standing at the bar for…and you hand over $54 for two.

Shopping in Singapore is generally pretty poor. Sure, we have everything but I find it more exe than most places.


Yes, I’m a Malaysian but I spend half my time in Singapore due to work and I’ve generally seen the place just fall apart. Shopping is really bad, the staff are slackers and some can’t even speak a word of English, can you believe that? This isn’t China for crying out loud!
I could’t agree with you more about what a rip off this Singapore sling is. It’s literally sugared cough syrup! Tigers are average. Gimme a cold Singha anytime!


I unfortunatley live in Singapore , yes it is overrated , and definately falling apart . It will soon be just another concrete jungle city , with dubious attractions. As for going to Sim Lim , thinks are cheaper elsewhere in the world . Definately a place where people just eat,drink,sleep , and maybe work a bit , even then very inefficiently.
Anyway go to Europe or America , see how many people even know what or where Singapore is .


Great site , have learnt so much in preparation for our visit in October .Just need to know , where we can get a reasonable priced beer .

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