5 Most Smelly Foods In Singapore – Stay Away!

I am not joking when I tell you that I already threw up just by sitting next to someone that enjoyed his Durian fruit. Durian fruit is one of the items you will find in this list of most smelly foods in Singapore. And by chance South East Asia has the most smelly food of all in my opinion. Happy munching!

1. Durian

This goes without thinking. Every new arriver in Singapore gets handed out warning instructions together with the immigration card, about the dangers of Durian fruits. They are the locals favorite dessert / fruit / dinner / lunch / bbq everything item, but they are so smelly that they are officially not allowed in public transport systems. Not kiddin’!
Every now and then my local friends try to tell me how wonderful the taste is once you get over the smell.. unfortunately I will never get over the smell.
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2. Stinky Tofu

Singapore Stinky TofuIf you call something already “stinky”, there is no doubt the smell will be the one of roses or fresh cut grass, its horrible! There are times when I cant decide if stinky Tofu (I also call it “Rotten Tofu”) or Durian are worse, both make me turn around on the spot with the arrival of the first scents of possible “threat”.
I haven’t found much “stinky Tofu” in Singapore though, since it is more of a delicacy in Hong Kong…but at least be warned!

3. Braised Pig Intestines (Or all other sorts of intestines)

Let the discussions begin, there’s no doubt about the first two cases, but I guess when it comes to braised Intestines the ones will love it, the others hate it.
For me personally just alone the idea of smelling (and eating) somethings intestines makes me wanna throw up again. However I agree it might come as a nice thing for others. Just my own 5 Cent..
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4. Century Eggs

Singapore Century EggProbably one of those things where my first reaction really was like “YOU DON’T EAT THAT!? DO YOU??”..
Everybody learns in his school’s chemistry classes how bad rotten eggs ak hydrogen sulfide ak H2S smell.. now imagine eggs that are left on purpose to age… and age.. and age… until they really become “Century Eggs”. I am Ang Moh so please don’t ask me about the procedure’s details, but they look horrible and they do smell so as well.

5. Fermented Seafood

Usually sold in Korean or Japanese grocery stores the fermented seafood easily can compete with the four items above. Once you open the glass or plastic container you will understand why it only gets sold sealed. I didn’t know squid can smell at all until one of my friends presented this “nice” delicacy at one of our last BBQs… Stay away, that’s all I have to say!




ROTFLOL! I think you’ve listed four of my favourite things to eat!
I’ll agree on the fermented seafood tho, that and kimchi really turns me off!
Let’s eat sometime?

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