The 5 Most Unique Beach Bars In Singapore

I quit, you quit, we get a one way ticket to Jamaica and start a laid back Beach Bar. You can serve drinks, I will be the Reggae DJ… and together we watch the sun go down over our little own paradise.
Having said that 10 years ago, I managed to do the whole “one way ticket” thing, but I ended up in an office (at least with ocean view) and play with reports now instead of Reggae music. However just for the “feeling”, I sometimes visit one of the view beach bars here in Singapore. Almost there!

1. Laid Back – The Shack

KM8 Lives! No one who ever spend a lazy afternoon at the former KM8, relaxing, playing Beach Volleyball and having a Sarong Fly in the shade will forget the truly unique atmosphere and concept of KM8, Singapore’s only “real” Beach Bar. As we all know there have been changes and KM8… is not anymore.

Instead a “temporary” bar called “The Shack” is now to be find at the same place, its concept is based on “Robinson Crusoe”, the environment build on “supposed” stranded goods is very simple and easy. (The Shack – Singapore’s Newest Beach Bar) That’s what gives it its character. Let’s hope the to be build Bar / Restaurant combinations stays with the former roots and doesnt get into “just another” exclusive and modern to-be bar.

  • Beach Factor:
    • Directly on Tanjong Beach / Simple and Original / Laid Back
  • Opening Hours:
    • Daily: 11am till late
  • Reservations:
    • / +65 6338 8035
  • Getting There:
    • Take cab to Sentosa / Tanjong Beach, or MRT to Harbour Front station and then the transport to Siloso Beach on Sentosa (Details HERE)

  • Webpage:

2. Irish – Scruffy Murphy’s Beach Bar

The only places where you can celebrate your St. Patrick Day directly on the beach are Irish Pubs in South East Asia. This one called Scruffy Murphy’s Beach Bar is situated along the East Coast, Singapore’s only half-real beach promenade.

Have a pint or two and enjoy the “typical” atmosphere while sitting in the shade, watching people skate by and sometimes even glimpse a little wave rolling onto the beach.

  • Beach Factor:
    • Looking towards East Coast Park beach / Irish pub / Cozy but busy
  • Opening Hours:
    • Mon-Fri: 4pm till late
    • Sat-Sun: 9am till late
  • Contact:
    • / +65 6449 7717
  • Getting There:
    • Take cab to ECP McDonalds, just behind the building facing the ocean (Details HERE)

  • Webpage:

3. Stylish – Cafe Del Mar

Not really the relaxed, Reggae like beach bar I would imagine on a small island, The Cafe Del Mar is much more a very stylish, loud and hip place on a fake island. Situated directly on Singapore’s largest man made beach, the Cafe Del Mar is a hangout and party spot instead of a laid back bar.

However, swimming pools, Jacuzzis and very comfortable beach-lounge sofas make it a nice place to spend an evening, although the neon light is too strong for being able to see the ocean, not to speak from the loud music and hearing it. (The 5 Hippest Places In Singapore)

  • Beach Factor:
    • Directly on Siloso Beach / Modern / Definitely Not Laid Back
  • Opening Hours:
    • Mon-Thu: 11am – 1am
    • Fri-Sat: 11am – 4am / Su: 10am-1am
  • Contact:
    • / +65 6235 1296
  • Getting There:
    • Take cab to Sentosa / Siloso Beach, or MRT to Harbour Front station and then the transport to Siloso Beach on Sentosa

  • Webpage:

4. Smart – Barnacles

If you want to impress your date with a deluxe environment, nice food AND ocean view, then another place on Singapore’s big fake entertainment island, is Barnacles, a restaurant operated by the Rasa Resort and not for every ones purse. (List Of Restaurants In Singapore That Don’t Serve Free Water)

Don’t wait for the sand between your toes to appear or lounge chairs to relax in the sun, this is a restaurant directly on the beach with the feature of (hot) ocean breeze.

  • Beach Factor:
    • On the tip of Siloso Beach / Smart Restaurant / Expensive
  • Opening Hours:
    • Daily: 6.30pm – 12am
  • Reservations:
    • +65 6371 2930
  • Getting There:
    • Take cab to Sentosa / Rasa Sentosa Resort (, or MRT to Harbour Front station and then the transport to Siloso Beach on Sentosa (Details: HERE)

  • Webpage:

5. Original – The Beach Hut

Probably one of the longest existing beach bars in Singapore is “The Beach Hut”. Operating since 15 years this is a nice place to go for their special Sunday morning buffets.
Get up early on your lazy last day of the weekend and enjoy hot coffee with a look towards the East Coast Park Ocean and maybe some Skating Accidents as extra.

After finishing your meal you can rent a bicycle just next door and go for a nice ride along the ocean. (The 5 Best Places For Inline Skating In Singapore)

  • Beach Factor:
    • A couple of meters away from the ECP beach/ Easy / Laid Back
  • Opening Hours:
    • Mon-Thu: 12pm-12am
    • Fri-Sat: 12pm-1am / Su: 8.30am-1am
  • Contact:
    • +65 6245 1932
  • Getting There:
    • Take cab to ECP McDonalds, just behind the building facing the ocean (Details HERE)

  • Webpage:

Where Are Your Favorite Beach Bars?

Have found any other hidden germs in the world of beach Bars in Singapore? Relaxed, laid back or funky places to have a drink next to the ocean? Let us know and please post your tips in the comments below!




I usually do Del Mar just coz it’s Del Mar of Ibiza fame and tourists love that. The music can be damn loud though, and its supposed to be chillout, instead I find the music too hard and heavy for a sunday afternoon.

Will definitely have to try the shack!


I visited The Shack some time last month.

Aside from the surrounding view and such. I found their service to be simply quite terrible.

Staff all seemed to be quite new and was a lil lost sometimes when it came to taking orders.

I had to wait 30mins just to order a BEER!

Their organization structure is not very effective as there was a large crowd that they didnt know how to deal with.

I don’t plan on visiting them anytime soon in the future anymore.

If you don’t mind waiting for a long time just to make your order, then waiting some more just to receive your drink. Then by all means, enjoy this place.

I would recommend this bar to anyone with too much of patience and time on their hands.


I went to Prive @ Keppel Bay twice.
Loved the place with its great view of Keppel Bay Drive Bridge, the yachts, and the waterfront condominium across.
It’s great for brunch, coffee spot during sunset, and maybe lunch.

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