The 5 Best Places to get a Brazilian Waxing in Singapore, ouch!

For all those people who are interested in getting to know more about Brazilian waxing, well, it means you are going to be stripped to your bare essentials and the hair waxed away from the privates. So, if you do not like a private investigator investigating your privates, a Brazilian wax is definitely not for you.

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This article was obviously not written by me, but one of my great readers, enjoy!

For the sake of Beauty and Walnuts

Nevertheless, what we do not have to suffer for the sake of beauty. And thanks to the effect of Hollywood, many people are willing to brave the rigours of a Brazilian wax, all to be smooth front and bottom. But then, hot waxing and strip waxing is definitely not as painful as the application of red hot walnuts with which the ancient Greeks and the Romans used to get rid of the extra hair everywhere.

1. Visage Hair Salon – Orchard Road

The best places to get a Brazilian wax in Singapore is according to popular demand — go to the spa found on 402, orchard road. You had to ring up the Visage Hair salon (6733-0933) and asked to be switched to the spa. Get an appointment, and get your bikini area waxed in a really professional and legit manner.

2. Waxing Studio – Pan Pacific Hotel

You might also want to check out the legit spa located in the hotel Pan Pacific. The wax is going to be hot. So there you go, you masochist, when you want something to cry about.

  • Warning:
  • By the way, Singaporean angmos like I were under the impression that “Strip” was the place where we could get really good bikini waxes, especially as they had a number of outlets all over the area, like one at Wheelock place, one at Holland Village etc. Point to be noted, my lord, I am definitely not recommending Strip for a Brazilian or a boyzilian, as the service has really deteriorated. And until I have somebody who says otherwise, I am not going to go there.

3. The Honey Pot – Raffles Place

All right, the next one on my list is the Honey-pot for those modest girlies walking into an atmosphere of dim lighting, feather boas, and the walls in black and fuchsia. Men might feel a bit embarrassed to walk into the Israeli atmosphere, but the gals can wade right through. What is with the faux fur stuff? Do not expect smiling service from the “fairies (oh yeah??), but the waxing procedure is relatively pain-free and quick. Imagine that you are at your gynae’s so the blushing can be kept under control. The Brazilian treatment is going to be for $59, bikini wax, $26 and the landing strip for $63. You might want to try out the $76 worth of crystal applications????!!!) which come in the extras category. The Honey pot is at 24 Raffles place. (01 — 11 Clifford Centre)

4. Sylvia’s Secrets – Bukit Thima Road

All right girls, next on my category comes Sylvia’s secrets, which is giving to be very popular with first timers exploring the regions of Brazilian waxing, oh so modestly. The technicians are extremely well experienced, and the staffers can give the honeypot a run for its money in professional etiquette and customer care experience. Sorry guys, no Brazilian waxing done here for you. You are going to find Sylvia’s secrets at 559 Bukit Timah Road. (03-01A King’s Arcade.)

5.Thomas D’Estethique – Excelsior Hotel

Well, if you are a boy and you are crooning, What about me, it isn’t fair, I’ve had enough now I want my share, the best place to get a boyzilian is done at Thomas D’Esthetique’s spa, at 03-01 Excelsior Hotel and Shopping Centre, 5 Coleman Street. If there is a there is a fund of modesty and diffidence in your nature, Thomas is soon going to put you at your ease. Your first session is going to cost you $80, and subsequent sessions are going to cost you up to 150$. But(t), feeling silky smooth is worth the pain and the money, ain’t it!




Erm. Completely neglected to mention Strip, no big deal but only the most successful waxing chain here?


Visage used to be fantastic, recently however, the quality of service has gone down badly. The manager was extremely rude and does not have a clue about customer service. More importantly, the waxing was done really badly, and it took an hour! Horrible experience, am definitely not going back there.


check out pink parlour! i’ve been there twice, and they have outlets at liang court, marina, and far east. service is reasonably good. (:


Even though Strip’s service is acceptable.. Their customer service has been going downhill. Too much success got to their heads? Especially in Malaysia. I’ve since stopped going back.


hmmm….never used any of those places mentioned…tried pink parlour though…not bad…they do ipl for hair removal which is more effective though…

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