5 Best Places To Buy Christmas Decorations In Singapore

Where do I get nice Christmas Decoration and Ornaments in Singapore? The answer, almost everywhere, but my favorite 5 places are listed below. From 2 dollar Snow mans to 5.000 dollar crystals you will get almost any kind of Christmas decoration in Singapore.

1. Daiso 2 Dollar Shops

Go to one of the many 2-Dollar Daiso shops and get your whole Christmas decoration for peanuts. Seriously, Daiso is my personal all-in-one solution when it comes to events like Christmas, Halloween etc. From wrapping paper, over Christmas trees, snow mans and other decoration, you will find everything here, for 2 Dollars each.

2. Mustafa Center

its Christmas Eve and you still have an empty room and no decoration at all? Go over to Mustafa Center, which is the biggest 24 hour mall in Singapore. Get everything (really… everything!) here and make sure your home is full of Christmas decorations.

3. Ikea

Ikea will once again be a sure place to get some nice European Christmas decoration although for a higher price then at the first two places. However, you might prefer the classic design and simplistic decoration that Ikea is known for. Make your choice.

4. Department Stores

The big department stores in Singapore offer you some nice special Christmas decoration for a sure higher price. You like bling bling and crystals hanging from your Christmas tree, then you are right here, try one of the big names along Orchard, Tangs, Takashimaya or Robertsons.

5. Whole-Seller Shops

Have a big flat, many friends or simply looking for a place where you can get a big range and selection of Christmas decoration for a very competitive price? There are quite some wholesellers for Decoration, Party stuff etc that you can check out.


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Nice article and you may consider adding Tangs & Robinson and other department stores in Singapore like Takashimaya. Also the nurseries & farms selling Christmas tree also provide nice decoration.

Here is the list of nurseries & farms selling xmas tree.

Places to Buy Christmas Tree


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