5 Cheesy Presents You Must Buy In Singapore

Every country has its cheesy presents, France has cheese or the Eiffel tower statue,Thailand has copied DVDs and Germany potato salad. And Singapore has its own cheesy presents as a must buy for tourists or Christmas presents for your friends back overseas as well.

1. “Singapore Is A Fine City” T shirt

We all that you get fined for pretty much everything that you do while going for a normal walk through the city. Don’t spit, don’t jail-walk don’t chew gum don’t be a group larger then 5 people etc.

So the most sold Tshirt, you will find at every souvenirs stall, is the “Singapore Is A Fine City” shirt with a list of the most ridiculous fines.

2. 5-Dollar Watches From Bugis Street

Just step into Bugis Street and you get flooded with cheap watches of all kind, gold, plastic, wooden whatever, 3-5$ watches are a must to bring to your friends, if you are hardcore then go for the 5 Dollar Rolex copies, they will definitely bring tears of laughter in your friends faces.
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3. Kaya Or Pinapple Cookies

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‘)); ?> Ok, not cheesy, more sweet, Kaya or Pineapple cookies are one of the very local food to enjoy at home. Kaya, the sweet coconut bread spread can be enjoyed on almost everything but dont try to transport it in your hand luggage. Apparently its seen as liquid and therefor forbidden.
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4. Singapore Airlines Sarong

Wrap yourself or your girlfriend or your … boyfriend.. in the very body accentuating typical Singapore Airlines Stewardess Sarong and enjoy the nice “views” at home. The Sarong has been become iconic throughout the years and by now gets sold at every souvenir shop in the city.
Go cheesy and buy the bad quality ones that will loose their coloring after one time washing.
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5. Sentosa Towel

Singapore’s most beautiful beaches (cough cough) can be found on the beautiful (artificial) island of Sentosa. Just next to 200 construction sites will you be treated to a magical setting with everything the tropics can possibly offer.
Now only one thing is left for your complete happiness, a Sentosa towel for 50$ that will shrink to handkerchief size after 1 day.




thanks so much for posting this. i find your site very helpful for tourists like me.

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