5 More Terrible Fashion Failures In Singapore

Two days ago I bashed those funny egghead- cap – guys and the rest of Singapore’s official Fashion Faux Pas community. Today I will finish what began. I got too much feedback and hints for even more horrible fashion disasters that I could possibly ignore them. Thanks to all of you and your luckily still intact sense for fashion.

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1. V-Neck And Skinny Jeans On Boys – Grow Up!

They look good on Kate Moss but not on you my dear. Even though I’m not a big fan of skinny jeans in general, I am willing to accept them on properly build girls (yes, that word “skinny” implies a certain form of your body you should possess).

However, guys, you should let pass this one without even thinking about it. Don’t Think About It!!
Guys with skinny jeans and v-neck shirts, could also walk around with a big sign saying, “I’m actually a woman and I don’t want to dress like a guy, look at my skinny legs, I will not be able to protect you, oh its 8PM, I need to go to bed”.

2. Hot Pants No Matter What

No I’m not discriminating anyone here but there are certain fashion trends that were created by some very smart designers for certain groups of persons only. This is not discriminating but how fashion works. You would not wear an A sized Bra if you are actually Double D and vice versa. For Example. Correct?

Same goes actually for Hot Pants. Hot Pants were made for long legged and well, fortunate build, people. But definitely not for everyone. Yes, its kind of Singapore’s Uniform and you see ithem all day long everywhere.

But already beginning at the point of where you don’t know how to sit in the MRT, shyly shifting one leg to the other or you, well, and then you are also not fortunate build, then there are other really nice clothes to choose from. But not the Hot Pants, ok Sweetie?

3. Aren’t You Missing Something? Leggings As Pants

Back in Germany I used to wear thermo functional long legged running leggings because of the cold. They are pretty useful if you dont want to loose your legs to frost bites during jogging in the winter, but I was more then happy everytime I could strip them of my legs afterwards.

Now in Singapore some people seem to look in their closet in the morning, and then somehow somewhere something goes wrong in their thinking. They grab their, without question, very comfortable leggings or tights, put them on… and then leave the house. Hellouu?!

No you aren’t in your Ballet Studios locker and there are people out there who believe that you are missing an essential part of your outfit. Your pants! Consider leggings as a sport utility or … thights, but not stand alone pants, it looks wrong!

4. Uhm, Your Tie Is Too Short

This one comes more from my daily business life. Every time I walk through Raffles place towards my office, I see these actually well dressed people, they have branded suits, nice leather shoes, and in most cases some expensive looking mobile phone on their ear… but fixing my eyes on where their tie is supposed to sit, I get nightmares.

The proper length of a tie is when the end of it lies in the middle of your belts height. Means it ends approx 2.5cm below the upper ned of your belt. (Singapore Is Really Strange Can You Explain Please?)

Unfortunately too many people dont know that. And they end up looking like a clown. And I’m not even kidding. If your tie dangels somewhere in front of your privates something is wrong and if it is so short that you could wear two ties the same length below each other something is wrong as well.

5. That Crocodile Is Upside Down – Fake Clothes

Its quite straight forward. Don’t wear fake clothes. Especially not if its some dinner aka special event aka date or similar.
I know its painful to pay ten times the amount for something you can get a “little bit different” for peanuts somewhere else… but that “little bit” makes, well, the difference.

Don’t get down with the believe that we wont see. We will. Although nicely done, you can see the difference. And if you dont want to pay 100$ for a Poloshirt (I dont) then just get a nice cheapper one.

Same goes for other T-Shirts, pants, shoes whatever. That Technics T-Shirt, yes, its fake, every Technic T Shirt in Singapore is fake. They are kind of collector editions and go for up to 160$ a piece in Europe, and I know you didnt pay that much…

Anything Left Here?

If there are still fashion failures I havent mentioned here, then pleaaase feel free to post them in the comments below, I am actually sure there are, and if I get enough, then maybe we have a third part of this kind soon.




Haha.. good one, as usual… well… i do wear tights (kneww length) with a short dress or mini skirt, but not very often… Am i one guilty of Fashion Failures no.3?? Heee… Anyway, another dressing which I think is a total fashion failure is to match 2 printed pieces together (as in a top with printed designs & bottom as well!), be it on a guy or girl. I’m not talking about those with same prints (e.g like a dress or those matching-prints 2 piece clothings). Example: rainbow coloured printed blouse with an army-coloured printed skirt/shorts/bermudas.. what???


You”re missing the point re the leggings… never mind the aesthetic….. ITS FUCKING HOT HERE!!!! WHY WEAR LEGGINGS!!!!


hahahhah Dona Absolutely agree!
And what to say I get seek to look around the shops in Singapore.
Common people don’t you have starhub? Look some ITALIAN channels.


Don’t forget the following:

1. People who wear Crocs have a nice spot at woodbridge hospital. Those who wear the pink ones have one in hell..

2. Polos with collars popped up is like carrying a sign board that says “i’m a douchebag”..

3. jeans hanging lower than your d*ick is just plain retarded.

4. wearing running shoes with jeans is unsightly but still tolerable

5. And just to add to the record though u mentioned many times, those who rest their trucker caps on their hair 6 inches high deserve a slap on their head..


First time on this site – I just found it and I have to say this is pure GOLD!!!!
I’ve been in Singapore for 3 years, this could be the beginning of a frustration outlet for me!


Have to agree with Louie about the popped collars and the low riding jeans. But the wearing of hats on top of the hair really bugs me more


I wear slim fit jeans (not exactly ‘skinny’ but they hug my legs) and my t-shirts are slim cut and fitting.

I don’t go to bed at 8pm ;)


Guys with V-neck and Sknnies don’t look bad. Maybe it is because of ‘Ah bengs’ wearing them that made it look bad? Colours like black, blue, grey skinnies actually looks better than jeans.


I just don’t get the egg looking cap thing. I really don’t. What in the world makes them think it is nice?!! Seriously!


Females in HK, Taiwan and Japan wear leggings too, and this is perhaps why you are seeing the ‘phenomenon’ here. I must admit that you need to be in a certain form and shape to wear them and how you mix and match. That aside, what about the ‘angmo men’ in Raffles place spotting checked shirt and pint-striped pants?


Whats wrong with skinny jeans on boys? I think its just your personal opinion…. I mean dude we are only young ONCE LoL, who cares, just try EVERYTHING !
However I agree with u that only certain people with the right BODY can bring it off, but it certainly doesnt look as bad as u described..

And FYI, Singapore is not the only country with your so-called “Gay Boys wearing skinny jeans”


1. girls wearing t-shirts with no bra. have a sense of decency people.
2. this one i really hate, guys with emo hair cut ala zack efron. come on wussies, cut you hair like a real man. not like a girl who looks like a guy who looks like a girl.
3. muscle t’s on no-biceps/triceps-i-try-to-look-like-gangster skinny dudes and with long armpit hair. at least, cut your hair. i know everything grows well in the tropics, but do you not have any mercy to those who have to witness that ungodly sight?



what is there to say against 1) ? :))
2) good point, i agree…
3) veeery good one


and you’re talking about singaporeans in general. it’s even more outrageous when you talk about educated, tertiary students in the ‘top’ universities in sg (i.e. nu$) 98% of the girls strut around in little miss virgin t-shirts w/ pants so short they reveal all but the underwear; 98% of the guys walk around in singlets, bermudas and havaianas flip-flops. for god’s sake! these are supposed to be the top 10% of the (slightly) smarter minds in sg!

i remember seeing an article about this behaviour this quite some time ago in the newspapers. i think sg students should reflect upon their dress codes and take a leaf from how university students overseas dress.


3. My number 1 pet peeve = leggings as pants. But if the top is long enough, then it’s still excusable. The worst thing is when a girl just decides to wear a tunic that falls just below her hips and decides that leggings will be enough to cover her modesty. Darling, you’re wearing a top, NOT a dress. PUT ON SOME PANTS DAMNIT.

1. Skinny jeans + v-necks on guys is pretty bad on its own but the look is made infintely worse when guys add the checked scarf thing and the emo hair cut.

Sly B

I love SG boys in tight jeans. The tighter the better! Yum Yum! :)


Beg to differ – leggings as pants occurs in Western countries as well, like Australia and New Zealand. Although yes it makes no sense to me as hot as it is here.

In summer university students there also wear Havaianas, boardshorts and singlets because it’s hot. Perhaps it is different elsewhere but it’s not unique to Singapore/Asia.


This is my list:
1 – guys wearing pink shirts (pink is ok, but it gets too much around here.)
2 – polo with lifted collars (ridiculous)
3 – So-called trekking flip flops with the rubber band going behind the heel (so gay!)
4 – tracker caps
5 – people jogging wearing what look like their their pajamas and long socks
6 – all guys wearing the exactly same clothes from newurbanmale
7 – girls who need to carry yet another bag by Gucci/LV/Prada… yawn, please develop your own taste and stop choosing the same three brands.


Some boys like myself do have an interests in female fashion. Whats wrong with bending the rules and looking a little different so that we can be ourselves.
Girls can be andro and no one bothers. Guys should be respected the same if they wish to be andro as well.


sorry if you’re german, you can’t comment on fashion!! (except in very very exceptional cases) v-neck and skinny jeans isn’t a singaporean fashion failure, it’s fashion.. (just walk around the trendy parts of london and nyc)

and the upside down crocodile is not a fake lacoste t-shirt. the brand “crocodile” was created in 1952.

but other often-seen-in-singapore fashion dislikes:
– guys carrying their girlfriends’ GIRLY handbags
– girls trying to copy fashion overseas but FAILING – e.g. leggings as pants is ok (again, walk around london – it’s normal) but girls who don’t have proper leggings and wear black stockings with t-shirts and you can see the underwear under the stockings.. ughhhhhh
– a penchant for ugly shoes ie birkenstocks and crocs (oops, another dig at german fashion!)
– wearing winter wear in singapore (as donna pointed out re leggings), but also, BOOTS!!!


oh oh.. and women who wear those shoes with a kitten heel and only one strap across the toes and so when they walk it goes “piak piak piak piak piak piak piak” as the sole of the shoes slap against their feet


only guys with muscular physique can carry the No. 1 style, they’ll look gay if they’re too skinny which most s’pore guys are. i dun mind gals wit hot legs wearing hot pants, but not everywhere and leave the butts covered please.
yea, No 3 is the most irritating. these gals juz dun get it! its perfectly fine only if the top/dress is long enough to cover those butts.


darn! asian fashion is just different with western fashion. accept it man!


Would you give it a rest? Sure some people don’t have great eyes for fashion but just leave them alone, what they wear is their personal choice. Plus many people are not that affluent, they have so much more to worry about than avoiding buying fakes or whatsoever. As long as they’re decently dressed I think there’s no need to go around complaining about what OTHERS wear like a high-class sophisticate and trying to sound sarcastic. Trust me, you’re not that good at sarcasm.
And please, please use the correct English grammar/spelling for public’s sake
P/S: I’m really on it with you about the leggings though ^^


Yo! although i am not a great fan of Singaporean style….but who are u to make comments like you are some ms/mr stylish. If u don’t like it, go back to where u come from….why come here and bitch abt things u can’t change. It’s just plain rude…

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