5 Things You Must Bring To The Singapore National Day Parade

It was such a stereo type picture, but there we were.
Me and my buddy (both Ang Mohs) sitting half starved, dehydrated and soaked in rain water, in between happily munching and with their “Funpack” playing Singaporeans in the middle of the huge Floating platform to watch the last minutes of the National Day rehearsal.
I learned a lot during those 2 hours and I will write about it tomorrow. But today I want to give advise to everyone who otherwise might be as unprepared as we were.

1. The Basics – Food And Water

With blind eyes and totally no thinking, we took our tickets, queued for the great Freebies and finally took place on the seats… in the burning hot afternoon sun. Which is when we looked at each other…

“Did you bring water?”
“No, and see those clouds…did you bring an umbrella?”

So yeah, there we sat, sweating, starving, 1 hour until the show only should kick off and we were already the attraction of the 10 rows around us, “Stupid Ang Mohs”….

Although you will most probably be asked to leave your drinks outside for security reasons, carry (and drink) a bottle of water until you finally get in. Later you can actually buy drinks (to unreasonable prices) inside. (Read: Can I Drink Tap Water In Singapore?)

2. Just In Case – Umbrella And Poncho

The clouds above our heads got darker and darker every minute, however we were lucky this time.

But quite surprisingly I did not find the most obvious freebie I had expected to be inside the “Funpacks”. A cheap, one time to use, plastic poncho like they sell them for 2$ at a famous Japanese store all over Singapore.

So be prepared for bad weather and bring an Umbrella or small poncho. Although I heard rumors that Singapore actually has some secret methods to make it always rain the day before the National Day Parade. (Read: Why Rainy Days In Singapore Are The Best)

3. Humor But No Criticism

My local friends kind of warned me about things that might seem weird to me at the Singapore national Day Parade. So I was prepared.

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‘)); ?> And once the bombs started to explode, Special Ops Teams were running through the crowd with funny machine guns pointing at the crowd of cheering people and when it was only my Ang Moh friend and me who actually applauded, sang and made noise, I knew what they meant. (Read: 7 Weird Things About The Singapore National Day)

So people, this is the Singapore National Day and you better be happy to be there and enjoy the colorful show. Once its over you can start complaining, like I did, but don’t start ranting about the weird stuff while sitting on your seat to celebrate Singapore’s birthday.

4. Camera And Telephoto Lens

Although you will be able to find tons and tons of pictures of the National Day Parade everywhere on the Internet the day after, the event is actually a great opportunity to shoot some very nice pictures and train your photographer skills.

You will most likely be seated quite far away from the happening, so if possible bring a good lens and calm hands.

My favorite shooting objects are little kids with Singapore flags on their cheeks, bored little kids playing on their PSP and the obvious.. Fireworks at the end.

5. Camping Chair, Cards And Endurance

If you weren’t lucky enough to get one of the rare tickets to be inside of the stadium and watch the event live, then, if you are a “good” Singaporean, you will be somewhere nearby, along the Esplanade, Merlion, or Bay area… so will be thousands of others.

To survive the battle for the best seats, places to wait to the grand finale, be prepared, bring your favorite board games, blankets to sit on and lots of other entertainment to get over the time.

Now Enjoy!!



ZQ Travel Blog

Definitely No. 5 – Camp Chairs and Cards, Singaporeans will start camping around Marina Bay, Esplanade areas around 4pm (3-4 hours beforehand)! :-)


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