5 Things To Do On A One Night Stopover In Singapore

Whenever friends call me and leave the good news they would come and visit me soon (which in fact is only a result of their stop-over in Singapore) they usually ask me how long they should plan for Singapore.
My standard reply has been “Three days should be enough” so far, without ever really thinking about it. However, most of them usually decide for the “1-Day-Quickly-Leave-Again-I-am-not-even-allowed-to-chew-Bubble-Gum-here” option.

1. For The Shopaholic

After finishing your dinner at the Food court in Bugis Mall, head over to Bugis Street for some bargain hunting in the latest fashion trends. Kind of Singapore’s only real street-market you will find something here for sure.

Then take a walk / or drive 1 station with MRT (green line) to City Hall and inspect the Raffles City Mall (No need to go to Marina Square). After you got your next dose of luxury items prepare yourself for the final stage.

Take a MRT (red line) 3 stations up to Orchard Road. Welcome to the Singaporean Champs Elysee. Get your Credit Card ready and happy spending…

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2. For The Art Fans

After finishing your dinner at Novus, the restaurant inside the National Museum go and check out one of the many exhibitions (be careful, they close around 8PM).

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‘)); ?> After that just walk over to the other side of the street and take a good look at the nice Singapore Art Museum. Again be careful, Mo-Thu the place closes at 7PM, but on Fridays you get free admission and its open until 9PM!

Once done, you have the choice, go for the “Sculpture Walk” along Singapore River or have a nice drink at one of the “Arty” Bars at for example Arab Quarter.

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3. For The Food Lovers

Before you start your food craving trip through Singapores Nightlife… Have a look here, its Singapores biggest food/restaurant community and you can pretty much get info on every kind of place you’d prefer.

Singapore is a food lovers paradise and there are places to eat literally everywhere. Its just up to your preference what you will frequent.

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4. For The Nature Friends

Finish Your dinner at one of the nice places inside the Botanical Garden and after that take a nice walk through the fantastic park.

Singapore offers fantastic places for Nature Friends to spend the rest of the evening, self-speaking they are all more or less outside the city.

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5. For The Party Person

Go and have your dinner at Clarke Quay, Singapore’s Party district. Its the place for tourists to go to drink away the heat of the day and to choose of one of the many many bars and clubs to celebrate the night.

Later you can either continue to one of Singapore’s hottest Nightspots (Like Zouk, Butterfactory or Night And Day Bar) or you just stay and continue the party at Clarke Quay.

Alternatively you can visit the more relaxed Bars in Singapore’s heart, like the famous “New Asia Bar”, newly attention gaining “Over Easy” or any place at the Arab Quarter.

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Traveling to Singapore

True, there are lots of amazing sights, great shops and good food in Singapore. Just, don’t forget to bring your camera and video cam, so you won’t miss the fun and the great places, if you have plans of traveling to Singapore.


yes true, and in fact I could write a new list like that every week, but then there wouldnt be any fun left for self-exploring :)

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