5 Tips for Successful selling at Singapore’s Flea Markets

You have tons of stuff lying around in your HDB or Condo and it’s time to move towards.. well more space in your flat? Head out to one of Singapore’s many flea markets and sell the stuff!

singapore flea market clothes

1. Pick the right Flea Market and Location

There are countless Flea Markets in Singapore and I once wrote a very popular article about The 5 Best Flea Markets in Singapore, however you shouldn’t end up selling your old Gucci Designer Bag on the Army Market or your old bicycle inside Zouks popular Fashion Flea Market.

Get a good selection of different Flea Markets here and then decide where you will rent your stall.

Once you have registered make sure you position yourself near the entry, this is where people still have money and want to spend it, believe me, its the best and most busy spot.

2. Get the price Right

Your stuff is most probably not new, neither is it something that you wouldn’t get anywhere else (at least in most cases), and after all, it would end up in the garbage anyways if not for the flea market you are on right now, so keep your mind together, don’t think greedy and price your articles at the right amount.

As a good tip, start out at a lower price then you had intended to is often the way to go.

And one important thing that you shouldn’t forget, price ALL your articles, if customers see something without a price tag they will assume its more expensive.

3. It’s all about Presentation

Don’t make the mistake and think “Ah well, its so cheap, people will buy it anyway”, they wont if they have to dig through piles of clothes or boxes of crumbled books.

If u have no idea of how to display your articles go to a grocery store and check out their system.

You want to place your “top” products right on eye height with your clients, and why not put up some big banners as well, give the clients the feeling that your product is wanted and valuable, if they then see the low price, your are already winning.

Hang your clothes, put your books up nicely with the back (title) pointing to your customers etc.

4. Be ready for some Bargaining Action

Don’t forget you are on the other side now, and people will ask you for discount, this is a whole new situation and you should be prepared.
This time its not yourself who will be able to walk away if the price isnt right, its your “money” that will get carried over to another stall if you dont match what people expect you to.

So if you really have to or want to match certain prices, start offering them to a price that will give you some margin to bargain around.

Never forget, people always feel good when they get something cheaper then the original price, “Fixed Price” signs are a total turn off to every potential client.

5. Have Fun Dude!

This is not some bitter serious crank down business you have to win. Leave the Kiasu attitude at home, put a smile on your face (and leave it there) and be friendly with the people.

Get to know the sellers around you and just enjoy the day selling your stuff to nice people!




hello could u tell me how i can get to sell my stuff.moatly clothing.wish to sell at tangling .can tell me how i have to go abt doin it.thank u

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